Zika Virus: World Health Organization Estimates 3 to 4 Million People Will Be Infected With Virus

Breaking News: Officials from the World Health Organization (WHO)say the Zika virus, a tropical infection new to the Western Hemisphere, is “spreading explosively” in the Americas.
The World Health Organization estimates 3-4 million will be infected and is considering declaring a public health emergency. God forbid, but I hope this wasn’t another scientific experiment using human guinea pigs gone wrong. Yes, it has happened many times although we don’t have recent accounts that I’m aware of except before the 1980’s. If we can learn anything from history though, it’s that nothing is beyond believable or barbaric. I don’t know, but I do know we should be praying for those poor folks affected and pray it doesn’t reach us here in the U.S.
I’m calling it right now, the Zika Virus is going to be the “Ebola” scare of 2016. Every year there is some new virus that is supposed to destroy man kind and the news covers it 24/7 and scares the shit out of people making them think the apocalypse is coming. So fucking stupid. I am starting to see a ton of articles being published about the Zika Virus.

Zika virus, caused by mosquitos, is spreading explosively now as warned by WHO.
There is no cure yet to this virus. It mostly affects the unborn babies’ brain development. Parents-to-be please take care of yourself and the fetus for their healthy life.
With the appropriate and effective disbursement of mosquito netting, and mosquito repellent products, it can reduce the incidence of the disease. The precautionary steps are to stop new infections, avoid traveling to the affected areas and if possible to postpone getting pregnant…

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