Victoria Osteen : Jesus Raised Lazarus from the Dead Activities

Jesus Raised Lazarus from the Dead Activities

You may have heard the story of Lazarus in scripture and how much Jesus loved him. He was the brother of Mary and Martha who were friends of Jesus, and He had spent time in their home. One day, Lazarus became ill and Jesus wasn’t around. Mary and Martha knew that Jesus could do a miracle, so they sent word to Him. However, before Jesus arrived, Lazarus had died. In fact, he’d been dead four days by the time Jesus got there. As you can imagine, the sisters were mourning, and Martha said to Jesus, “If You had been here, my brother wouldn’t have died!”
Jesus said to Martha, “Only believe.”
A crowd followed Jesus to the tomb where Lazarus was laid. He told them to roll away the stone, but the people questioned Him saying, “It’s been four days! He stinks!” But, they rolled away the stone anyway.
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