Thrombophlebitis treatment : Varicose veins treatment home remedies

You might have read many articles about the varicose veins and the efficient methods of Russian folk medicine for their treatment. Now, we will introduce another effective recipe for the treatment of this ailment.
How to Cure Varicose Veins with the Help of Tomato
Most people are familiar with the beneficial properties of tomatoes, but not everyone is familiar with the fact that you can cure varicose veins with the help of tomatoes.
There are two ways of healing the varicose veins using green and red ripe tomatoes.

The treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoes

Green tomato is a simple home remedy that can be used in the fight with varicose veins.
It is necessary to wash a few green tomatoes and cut them into slices (or rings). Put the slices of green tomatoes on the nodes of varicose veins and the vein capillary network. If necessary, tie some bandage. Keep the tomatoes at these locations until you feel a tingling sensation on the skin. If you cannot stand the feeling, remove it as soon as you feel a burning sensation, and wash the veins with cool water. If this procedure goes well, the result will be visible very soon. This procedure should be repeated five times a day, preferably in a row.

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