Our Daily Bread Devotional Reading for Today by Bill Winston

Our Daily Bread Devotional Reading for Today by Bill Winston

Faith is a higher law than time. You can use your faith to take your future and move it into your now.

The Blessing will take difficulties away from you and turn them into your favor. The Blessing will distinguish you and cause you to operate above the natural man.

The more faith you have the more of God’s ability you have at your disposal. It is God’s ability. What God has promised, He is able to perform.

Increase your knowledge on how to receive God’s unconditional love, as well as, use that same love towards everyone as you overcome in your sphere of influence.

Your job is not to achieve, but to receive. God does the work. He acts proportionately to your faith.

The only source of Faith is the Word of God. You must act on the Word of God for your faith to work.

God will distinguish you so you can be a blessing. God is responsible for promoting you, not man.

God has His own diversity program and He is an equal opportunity employer! The Blessing will put you on top.

You cannot reason with the Word of God. You have to receive it by faith and be fully persuaded.

If you believe and act on God’s Word it will not return void. It will do what it was sent to do.

God is taking you to a place where you never have to struggle or toil again in your life!.

You have to use your faith to get the best of God. Whatever God calls you to do, He has given you the ability to achieve it.

God’s Word is designed to refresh you like falling rain and showers on new grass. – Deuteronomy 32:2.

God does not compete with alternatives. You must have faith to trust that God is your only source.

The Word of God doesn’t need anything but your believing for it to come to pass! The Word of God will supply everything you need!.

The Blessing equips you to fight the giants in your life when you release the Word of God! God wants you to get everything that was left for you in His will!.

Once we start praying the Word of God, it begins to shift our thinking, go down into our heart, take out the old image and put in the new image of the Kingdom of God.

Faith is a servant and is designed to do things for you that are impossible. It feeds on the impossible and breaks limitations.

To win every battle, you will have to stand on the Word of God. The Word will seek and destroy every satanic attack.

We must value the Word of God and put it first place. If nothing else is true, the Word of God is!.

The Blessing is famine proof, recession proof and depression proof! There is no lack in the Kingdom of God!

Radical Christianity believes and trust God no matter what! Let God be true and every man a liar! If He said it, it’s yours!.

Don’t talk against your angels! Watch What is Man on the Believer’s Walk of Faith!.

Your inheritance includes the blessing. You must have complete confidence in the blessing and the Power of God that works in your life!.

We’ve got to stop saying what’s happening and start saying what’s written because that is what God is going to establish in your life.

Get radical for Jesus because God made you (the Church) strong. Radical Christianity believes and trusts God no matter what.

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