Noor Zahi Salman knew of "husband" Mateens planned attack that killed 49 in Orlando

Noor Zahi Salman knew of “husband” Mateens planned violence. The 30 year old drove with him to pick up ammunition and a holster, and drove him to Pulse nightclub to case the business. Distance from Mateen’s home in Port St. Lucie Florida to Orlando is 125 miles, a 1 hour 45 minute drive during light traffic. Common sense would tell us that Mateen would not make a regular habit of driving to the night club in Orlando, drink a lot and then drive back home for nearly 2 hours on a regular basis, as some club goers are stating that he was there often. It is not logistically probable that someone would spend 4 hours driving and 3 to 5 hours clubbing on a regular basis. (That would be a 9 hour night).

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