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A lot of people think they shouldn’t encounter problems when they stand in faith for their vision. But the Bible doesn’t promise us a problem-free life. Isaiah 54:17 says, “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper….” People read that scripture and misunderstand it, thinking it promises that no weapon will be formed against them. But that’s not what it says. It never said the weapon wouldn’t be formed; it said it wouldn’t prosper.
Why won’t it prosper? Because God gives you faith to shout it down and possess!

God loves you and He’s not looking for ways to send you to the fiery pit. He’s searching for ways to reach your heart––to help you––so that you live well on this earth and in the afterlife. God loved the disciples and He knew their human frailty. He knows your human frailty too. It’s time for you to start seeing through the devil’s lies because, once you start doing that, victory is on the way!

 When you know what you are pursuing and when you know what is coming in your life, your days become faster and easier. Your mind has something to “faith” towards and look forward to. There are no surprises in that respect, because faith in the vision God gives you causes you to “know” in Whom you have “believed.” It brings confidence to your soul as you do the work necessary—spiritually, physically, and financially—that will bring your vision to pass.
Dreams and visions keep you prepared. Satan can’t sneak up on you when you’re ahead of Him all the time. Glory!

 God will help you, if you let Him. He’ll help anyone who turns to Him. Remember that Jesus had a staff of twelve that most people would have fired the first week! Peter would cut you, cuss at you and then pray for you. Judas was stealing money, John was always laying his head on Jesus’ chest and Thomas didn’t believe half of what He said! Yet, Jesus stuck it out with them.
Even though they were misfits, Jesus taught them, and then, set them loose on the earth with a mission to win souls. Just reading about all the crazy things the disciples did in the Bible ought to prove to you that God is super-patient. He’s super-longsuffering! He can help anybody, including you.

 God is always there for you. When you’re threatening to give up on Him and life, He’s there. When you want to hit someone, He’s there too! When you’re so distraught that you don’t know what to do and you’re bawling and squalling and having a pity party of one, He’s there waiting for you to turn to Him and do what His Word says so that He can help you straighten out the crooked paths of your life.

 No matter where you are today, God can use you. He can open your eyes to what is exactly causing you to stumble and give you the strength to resist the devil––no matter what he’s trying to hurt you with.

The past is too heavy to be brought into the future. Your future is where you’re going—it’s not where you’ve been.
Your past keeps you thinking about yesterday, when yesterday is gone. If you keep thinking about what happened, nothing will happen for you.

 Vision is very important to you and to God. Having a vision keeps you alive! In Proverbs 29:18, the Word tells us without vision, people perish—in other words they die inside when there is no goal or vision in their lives. People were created to be sustained by having a vision of something bigger than just “today.”
While Christ warned us not to worry about tomorrow, He encouraged us to be comforted by looking ahead to the good things God has in store for us—but most of all, He taught us to have faith. Vision requires faith, and it also makes life more enjoyable.

 Even in a sin-state, when human beings combine imagination and a unified, focused effort, there is nothing they can’t do. Now, remember that as a believer, God is guiding your life because His Word is renewing your mind—so He has no intention of restraining you! He wants you to fulfill your destiny, so the closer you are to Him, the more you will envision for your life.

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