Islamic Forsane Alizza or the Proud Knights Group Had List of Jewish Targets, Plans for Nuclear Bomb

Forsane Alizza or the Proud Knights was founded to fight Islamophobia in France by a nice fellow named Mohammed.
And it was very serious about fighting Islamophobia.
First it protested outside a McDonald’s by shouting slogans against Israel and the Jews because it had decided that the two were connected.
Then Mohammed convened an event to claim that 9/11 was a conspiracy.
“It was said that it was Muslims who were behind these attacks, but nobody believes. Absolutely no one. There are scientists who have studied the issue,” Mohammed aka Abu Hamza or Cortex claimed.
But for some unclear reason, the Knights produced a video celebrating Osama bin Laden even though ‘scientists’ found he had nothing to do with 9/11.
Sadly the Islamophobic French authorities disbanded the group because they were threatened by its opposition to Islamophobia and then came raids and a trial.
Fourteen members of a banned Islamic group stood 

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