House Internal Memo : How James Comey disgraced an honorable FBI

House Internal Memo

Fact 1: Comey wasn’t alone. Rosenstein, Yates, McCabe, just the beginning of what will hopefully lead to jailtime for all involved. HRC wasn’t suppose to lose. All of this would have been swept under the rug. I’m truly starting to believe that corruption is so rampant in DC, divine intervention has manifested itself as Donald Trump. The left and media will do whatever they can to stop the truth. We can’t allow that. Justice must be served! HRC, you’re next.

Facts 2: There is this remarkable passage from the Nunes memo, concerning former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.
The passage is m supposed to show that the investigation was opened by a biased FBI agent. But it actually shows that the FBI investigation predated the supposed misuse of the Steele dossier, and it shows that the cause of the investigation was information provided by Papadopoulos:

“The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok. Strzok was reassigned by the Special Counsel’s office … for improper text messages with his mistress, FBI Attorney Lisa Page … where they both demonstrated a clear bias against Trump.”

Facts 3:  Robert Mueller is best friends with James Comey..Robert Mueller should.neber have accepted job in first place…the integrity of that department is NONE. ….and to say we should.just keep moving on with Mueller is Bullsht…His star witness against trump.would be strzok and page…are you kidding me…all of them up at the top need to be drained…collateral damage.

Facts 4:  It all makes a lot of sense now as to why the President had to fire Comey. After reading the “memo”, it seems like the only collusion going on was the collusion going on between the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Obama Administration, the FBI, the DOJ, and the FISA Courts.
Perhaps Mueller should look into that; . . . Oh I forgot, Mueller was closely aligned with the parties doing the colluding

Facts 5:  And the charges against Flynn and the rest of them for obstructing justice should be null and void because they didn’t have a warrant a proper warrant for a proper reason this whole thing should stop now call me should go to jail and anybody else. And Jeff sessions if he’s not up to the job he needs to be fired and anybody under him which we know who is Rosenstein fired thrown in jail obstruction of justice it’s time to get Hardball they’ve been playing Hardball with Trump maybe it’s time Trump started playing hard ball back

Facts 6: I do not believe all FBI agents are corrupt! They do their job for which I am grateful and they do not know exactly what is going on throughout the Department. If you work, have a boss, you do not necessary know exactly what he/she is doing! Just saying! James Comey did some terrible and unlawful things and should be held accountable. Quoting: The Secret Service has permanently removed an agent who said she would refuse to “take a bullet” for President Donald Trump and rather face “jail time.” … In the same post, O’Grady claimed that Trump was a threat to women and minorities while endorsing Hillary Clinton. Biased, yes! So it seems that most of the corruption is close-knit ties to Washington, the leaders, and among high ranking officials! Haven’t heard much from the networks regarding leaks from the White House lately. I am sure who was leaking the information didn’t have privy to the Memo, otherwise we would have heard something about it earlier! Trump did not make any derogatory comments about the Memo or FBI, etc., he says ‘a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves’!

Facts 7: In my opinion the FBI director and his confidants were uncomfortable with a someone from outside government becoming president . They felt the need to check him out and in doing so they violated his rights . They did some pretty stupid things during the last year of Obamas presidency . Couldn’t pull the trigger on a Hillary Email Server debacle because she was a party’s nominee and the election was near so they let it go . They did some real stupid stuff and are in a damage control posture today protecting the image of them self’s they want projected .
It is said if you saw how sausage was made you wouldn’t eat it .
I refuse to believe that that is the case here and it appears this is what these FBI elites are selling us .

Facts 8:  For starters, what other evidence did the intelligence court rely on in finding probable cause to issue the warrant? The memo doesn’t say. What about the court’s rationale for issuing three separate extensions, each of which required investigators to present new evidence beyond the dossier? The memo doesn’t say. Was any significant piece of information in the dossier found to be inaccurate? The memo doesn’t say. Did the court assume bias on the part of Mr. Steele or the funders of his research, as courts regularly do when considering evidence supporting a request for a warrant? The memo doesn’t say.

Surely Mr. Nunes, House Speaker Paul Ryan and the other Republicans who, in the days leading up to the memo’s release, expressed a newfound enthusiasm for transparency in government would support releasing this information, wouldn’t they? Transparency in government is the lifeblood of a democracy, after all — the bulwark against abuses of power by public officials. As Mr. Ryan said on Tuesday in defending the House’s decision to release the memo, “Transparency can reign supreme.”
Since the Republicans are now on board with greater transparency, they will no doubt push President Trump to release his tax returns, as every other major-party presidential nominee has done for the past four decades, won’t they?

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