Details of Donald Trump Meeting With Evangelicals in New York

From Rev Franklyn Graham.I’ve been in New York this morning to attend a meeting organized by Dr. Ben Carson and others who invited Donald J. Trump to speak to evangelical Christian leaders from across the country. Governor Mike Huckabee was moderator and Mr. Trump answered questions on a wide range of issues. Dr. James Dobson asked the first question–he asked Mr. Trump what he would do concerning religious liberty issues. Mr. Trump said the number one thing he could do for religious liberty would be to appoint great Supreme Court justices and he reminded everyone that the next president could appoint up to five Supreme Court justices. That’s incredibly important for the future of our nation. Ronnie Floyd, the past president of the Southern Baptist Convention, asked what he would do to address poverty, crime, and racial tensions. Mr. Trump said that he felt like the best thing he could do would be to create jobs for Americans and that would have a great impact. David Jeremiah asked how Trump would support Israel. Mr. Trump said that Israel is our number one friend in the Middle East and that the Iran deal was a disaster–he said he would stand with Israel. Others ask good questions as well, and we prayed together for America.This year’s election is critical for our nation—we’re at a turning point. I’m not endorsing any candidates, but I am going to all 50 states holding prayer rallies with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ‪#‎DecisionAmericaTour‬. Thousands in every state have come out to their capitol to stand together in prayer for their state and for the nation. Our only hope is God.

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