Dash cam footage of a traffic stop involving a woman

Dash cam footage of a traffic stop involving a woman who later died when her car went into the Missouri River has been released.

The footage was released Tuesday as the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled that drug intoxication was a factor in 20-year-old Toni Anderson’s accidental death. She reportedly had ethonal, cocaine and amphetamines in her system, according to the Kansas City Star.

Anderson went missing from North Kansas City on Jan. 15 — the same night that she was stopped by a police officer for driving the wrong way.

In the video, Anderson can be heard giggling and her speech is slurred as she tells the officer that she hadn’t been drinking.

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Michelle Davis This is why most of us should educate ourselves when it comes to government and politics! Most of Trumpsters have no clue!
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Amanda J Webb
Amanda J Webb just saying.. but what if.. instead of cutting her funds.. why dont we cut the paychecks of the top leaders.. i mean.. trump is giving up his presidential pay.. dont you think we could shave some of the excess of these top paid government employees.. ? or maybe an audit of spending in these departments .. #JustAThought
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Bako Farida Sandy
Bako Farida Sandy   you guys should be abit sympathetic, atleast she has the courage to admit she messed up, unlike those who still refuse to see what’s going on, Kudos madam for admitting you are one of the idiots, it takes courage 
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Melanie Eley
Melanie Eley As if these people assumed that he wasn’t going to come for them. Ah well, hope they have a good plan to eat, have shelter, and survive because their beloved leader doesn’t care (and never did)
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Diane Hare
Diane Hare Did these people not listen to him when he ran? I wish I could feel sorry for them but I don’t. I will continue to resist 45 and his minions and fight for even these dumbassrs who voted for him.
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Shana Alm
Shana Alm What was she expecting voting for Trump, that he is going to make everything better from the miserable life under Obama with free Healthcare, financial aid and benefits. She too good for that stuff 
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Efrain Delacerda
Efrain Delacerda How bout them Alec Baldwin impersonations of the pussy grabber though. C’mon we got to love the Trump voters a little. If it wasn’t for their stupidity we wouldnt have Alec Baldwin on SNL.
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Amanda Moon
Amanda Moon We tried to warn you. Now we will ALL suffer because of your uneducated, moronic choice. Well, except for the rich people. They will be okay.
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Jacqueline Black
Jacqueline Black She is SO much better than those who refuse to admit they were fooled. This takes guts, and I hope she and others who see the light continue to speak up. Bravo.
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Dray Thompson
Dray Thompson This lady so goofy she said and I quote I can’t live without my ssi but I’m still happy with him being president so that says it all for me right there
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Tru Mohammed
Tru Mohammed I don’t mean to laugh as that’s a tough position to be in, but you’re a fool for thinking this man considers anyone but the rich.
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Josh Pepper
Josh Pepper Voting is violence. It is a violation of the NAP.

There are only two outcomes to any election:

Outcome 1: your candidate wins and the State violently forces your views onto others. 

Outcome 2: your candidate loses and the State violently forces others views onto you. 

Both outcomes are violent force.
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Leo Ramirez
Leo Ramirez Tried to warn them but hey they knew him and he was for the “people”
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Deb Tinnin
Deb Tinnin 7 of the top 10 states that use SNAP voted for Trump. If Trump and Ryan get their way, these people will be left (further) behind.
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Adrienne MacDonald
Adrienne MacDonald Really what part of his campaign did you not understand however you where fine if other people where hurt now that it will affect you you have a problem.
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George Stephen Moreno
George Stephen Moreno The devil exists so that every time we turn to him for help we can be judged and punished and maybe learn our lessons. Maybe this dumb old women will have learned hers. Maybe. Probably not.
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Marie Duran
Marie Duran I don’t blame her or the other low income people who voted for Trump. You were sold a bill of goods by a smooth talking snake charmer. We are all losing if this budget goes through.
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Scott Blanchard
Scott Blanchard Good job!!! Do your research next time fool. as a matter of fact. Just vote Democrat next time. Don;t think. It will only hurt you.
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Craig Mankey
Craig Mankey Prior to the recession there were 27 million people on food stamps. Today there are 44 million on them. Shouldn’t we at least be back to pre-recession levels since the economy has recovered?
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Edward Mcmahon
Edward Mcmahon  aww feel sorry for me act because you voted for him guess what you got exactly what you deserved and quite honestly I don’t feel sorry for you at all how does that saying go if you made your bed now you can lay in it how do you think other elderly people feel about your true colors showing towards them you weep what you sown yourself in
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Arzu Gocmen
Arzu Gocmen Unfortunately his cuts and all of his policies(if we can call them that) will affect the masses who voted for him more than all of us who consider the better pf the great masses and not voted for him. I feel sad for my country and I hope these people will survive
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Keli Schulz-Stambaugh
Keli Schulz-Stambaugh And we told you he would, but you didn’t listen. Just like your neighbors and our families. So.. I say find another supporter to help you, cause we aren’t going to do it this time.
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MaiXi Lee
MaiXi Lee It takes a lot of courage to see and accept that your wrong. Glad you came to reality that in the end, Trump isn’t going to help you or anyone except himself and those who can benefit him.
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Liz Kester
Liz Kester I’m so sorry we’ve all been lied to!! Some of us knew of his lack of character and integrity so we didn’t vote for him. Nonetheless, we are all in this together and it ain’t pretty!
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Joe Turner
Joe Turner You are an idiot to think he would not. You were warned he would do this stuff. You did listen. Normally I would want to show compassion, but that’s too hard now. Your vote screwed us all!
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Brittany Goldman
Brittany Goldman What did you think would happen?! Did you think he was really going to help you or actually cared about anything but himself and his own money?
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Eric Rankin
Eric Rankin I am no Republican or Democrat but Trump’s budget plan has no chance of becoming reality as Congress controls the purse! My question is why is the media continuing to fuel hysteria?
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith Sad day in America. The wealthiest nation in the world can’t get it right. Healthcare is most important and don’t let anyone fool you leading you to believe one thing or another.
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Adam Wise
Adam Wise Keep spreading fear and lies! No one that truly needs help will be denied. These cuts are designed to stop some of the rampant abuse of the system.
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Titus Nez
Titus Nez Trump voters are getting exactly what they’ve got coming to them. Unsure why poor voters would believe a billionaire would save them….
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Mfon David
Mfon David She isn’t the first to do that. Many people here in Nigeria voted the illiterate tyrant called muhammadu buhari are also regreting. Our world in the hands of lunatics.
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Brenda Conwell – Dudley
Brenda Conwell – Dudley Republicans seem to lack an empathy gene – that’s how they are easily conned to vote against their own self-interests. Oh, and racism, misogyny, homophobia, ignorance…
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Nancy Stinson
Nancy Stinson Oops. Next time read a newspaper instead of just watching Fox News. You’ll get a better idea of what the candidate actually stands for.
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Ryan David
Ryan David Alexis I feel bad, but… not really. I wish there was a way to direct these cuts towards only those who voted for him.
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Kim Dorsey
Kim Dorsey Ummm duh ..she should have did a little research on her candidate prior to voting for him! Don’t feel sorry for her,she’s responsible for making president Donnie possible!
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Fred Celio
Fred Celio Dah, how could you vote for someone who has no record? Here’s how I do it, I check the candidates record, do votes or policies line up with my positions on key issues, if they do that’s who I vote for. The campaign is nonsense other than good theater, a candidate lied during the campaign? Oh no alert the media. Since Donnie had no past record of voting or positions, I eliminated him as a viable candidate, because there is no telling what he’d actually do. Dah
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Mimi Chung
Mimi Chung Classic Trump.
And as MUCH as I want to laugh in her face, shake her and say “WE TOLD YOU SO!”, there is no tine and nothing constructive in that. She needs to STEP UP and start CORRECTING her mistake. Get involved-educate and spread the word to her not-yet enlightened friends about what is happening!
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Vickie Shinpoch
Vickie Shinpoch I havent. much sympathy. He told the public who he was and what he was all about. If they believed him that is their bad. Did they think they were going to be some kind of special?
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Charice Shannon
Charice Shannon But you will get your wall and you’ll “drain the swamp” and you get rid of “Obamacare”. Your getting what you wanted so you can go visit your wall and remember that’s where you aid went. Hope it’s worth it.
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Connie Hackl Meulemans
Connie Hackl Meulemans They always vote against their better interests. Maybe you should educate yourself better on who you’re voting for. It’s no secret he’s a pathological liar.
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