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Clarence E McClendon – Word for today

“No one puts new wine into old wine skin. New is coming, and new must be met with new. In other words, you can’t connect old and new, you must connect new and new. So something has got to be new in you; as well as what is being poured into you or what you receive new will be wasted on the old you. We can’t pour this new stuff in the old you, new has to meet new! Understand this, whenever God is telling you and I to fast, or to consecrate; it’s not just that something new is coming but something has to be altered for us to receive!”

Church of the Harvest Daily Devotional

In Romans 1:16-17 the Apostle Paul states a powerful and life changing truth. He says “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for IT IS THE POWER OF GOD to salvation to everyone who believes…
…for IN IT the righteousness of God is revealed from FAITH TO FAITH…” It is therefore in our re-visiting of the Gospel…our taking another look at the Truth it discloses and the Jesus it reveals to us that we, as believers are empowered to go from one level and dimension of receiving, believing and acting on the Word of God, to the next level And dimension and receiving, believing and acting on the Word of God!

If you are are feeling stuck…unable to make it to the next level or dimension. If you know you’re to be moving at another level and in another realm and you don’t seem to be breaking though…TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT THE GOSPEL…THE CHRIST JESUS IT REVEALS…I believe with you now that the Holy Spirit will show you some facet of Jesus and the finished work that He has accomplished for YOU that shall catapult you to the other side of whatever the issue or problem is…THE ANSWER IS IN THIS GREAT AND GLORIOUS GOSPEL!

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