Car Accident Salinas CA Today

Car Accident Salinas CA

The media bashed him when he threatened N. Korea, now they are bashing him because he agreed to talk to them. It’s a no win for Trump with the media.
SALINAS, Calif. – One person was killed in Salinas when a motorcycle and a car collided at the intersection of San Juan Grade Rd. and Van Buren Ave., just after 12 p.m. on Sunday.

The victim has been identified as Rudy Moreno, 34, of Salinas. The Salinas Police Department says Moreno suffered major injuries and died shortly after being transported to a local hospital. Read Full Story 

I’d rather talk than fight but I think this is just a stall for time so KJU can finish develop of his nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. Be very careful!

Robert Shearer A note to the hate filled liberals who just can’t get through your heads that this is what negotiating looks like… MOVE TO NORTH KOREA… You will be welcome there.

John Brinker A meeting with the POTUS used to be something NK had to give major concessions for. Under Trump, not so much. (He really likes despots and wants to be friends with them.)

Joe Epps This man may accomplish what none president has done, demilitarize North Korea, and bring peace joy it. Don’t say it cannot be done, everything is possible, if you honestly try!!

Andy Ramos No military action is the best way to save lives and money. Hopefully things will get done and lives will be spared.

Andrea Reif Hoping this can be the next Reagan-Gorbechev. Although I doubt Trump will ever be able to invite that lunatic to Mar-a-Lago like Reagan invited the Gorbachev’s to Rancho del Cielo.

Deborah Whitney CNN has asked for a diplomatic solution all year and is now complaing that it’s about to happen. Ugh. Trump could find a cure for cancer and they would find something wrong with it.

Jerry Wojcik Military force won’t solve a thing ! Just look at the previous US actions . With peace comes more trade opportunities. Trump is the best that’s happened to the in US decades . #MAGA

Michael Jay So let me get this straight,Donald J. Trump is the ONLY global leader that was able to get a chance to talk to North Korea about getting rid of their nukes?

Linda Boudreaux I thank god for our president and pray that God will give great wisdom, strength and endurance! And that more Americans will help sustain ” him in prayer ! Also prayer for all of those in authority over us ! Wisdom. Love of their country. Clarity of mind. And honesty

Daryl Rose North K. Is going to do what they want.The little guy just wants respect . I hope Trump remembers the song [short people got no reason to live]an humm a few bars to him !!!

James Mattingly {{ People can say; whatever they Wish }}

However we “ALL” know, if it had came to a WAR, Russia, Iran & China would have stood with North Korea, as our allies stand with us in time of war, so he has done far more than given credit for, in making; “AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

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