Obituaries : Death of Comic Artist Leslie Sternbergh Alexander . 

By | March 29, 2019

Obituaries : Death of Comic Artist Leslie Sternbergh Alexander . 
In Loving Memory of Beloved Leslie Sternbergh Alexander who recently passed away.

Leslie Sternbergh Alexander passed away Wednesday night. We saw her on Tuesday and said our goodbyes. Axel, Leslie, Adam, Bebe- they’re all gone now, so the Axel book release thing tomorrow night will perhaps be a fitting end to a very strange piece of my life.
Leslie was an accomplished comic artist and some of her work can be seen here:
There’s a link at the bottom for some of her work for Mad Magazine. Kurt Komoda wrote on Facebook.
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Rest in Peace

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  1. Brian Fauth

    I am not sure what kind of remark is in order here. Those who know me know that I can be rather long-winded, and could easily turn this into a defense of why I fell out of Leslie’s life many years ago, and remained out of touch. So permit me to focus on our time so very long ago.
    Leslie was my date to the prom. She was my girlfriend at a time in my life before I fully figured out that dating girls was something I would not be doing. It was terrific having Leslie to refer to when coming out to my parents, being able to say to them on that occasion “Why yes, as I matter of fact I have” – and for that, and so much more, Leslie I will be forever grateful.
    You saw things in me that I did not when I was young and scared of everything, including the fact that you ran off to New York as soon as possible, and I felt in my heart I could never do such a thing. I’ve spent a lifetime watching you inhabit colorful places I could not even dream of.
    If you care, if any one cares, I am sorry we lost touch. I am certain it was for selfish reasons on my part, likely because I was ashamed of what a sorry mess I had become and turned away from a lot of people.
    But I checked in with you in my fashion from time to time. Weirdly enough, very recently I had the impulse to Google and find how much of your art I could access online. Unbelievable I pulled up a sheet you did on the occasion of the Three Mile Island accident that included me in one frame, with you, smoking a joint in my car, bemoaning the fact that so many nuclear regulatory representatives had difficulty pronouncing the word “nuclear.” It was barely a month ago that I did that, having learned you were ill. This being my meager way of reconnecting.
    My mind is numb as the realization that you are gone sinks in. Thanks to the powers that be for this opportunity to convey these thoughts and reminiscences.
    — Brian


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