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Bill Hybels : Willow creek pastor resigns

Breaking: Willow Creek pastor Bill Hybels has resigned from the influential evangelical megachurch he founded following allegations of misconduct. Shocked and heartbroken. This is a man, a pastor, and a leader of leaders that did not deserve to leave under an unnecessary cloud. The Rev. Bill Hybels has been a counselor to presidents and is… Read More »

Pastor Jim Cymbala Quotes / Devotional

Pastor Jim Cymbala Quotes / Devotional 1.If we want only white people or black people or young people or people who are middle class or folks with a certain level of education among us, then let’s not call ourselves a Christian church; because Christ died for everyone. 2. Our future security has nothing to do with… Read More »

Scriptures to read while fasting

Scriptures to read while fasting There are many, many instances in the Bible that refer to fasting. It was not some doctrine made up by Catholics along the way. When you meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary, the Sorrowful Mysteries in particular it refers to the mocking of Jesus by Christians when they invent… Read More »

A Quiet Place Movie Review

A Quiet Place Movie Review Saw the movie “A Quiet Place” which is currently at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, and I can see why. The film is one of the most clever thrillers and original story-lines I’ve seen in years, and it’s well crafted and laid out. No spoilers, but a sudden ending is my… Read More »