Astronaut Scott Kelly is Coming Back to Earth after Spending a Year in the Space

Scott kelly photography

Scott Kelly: Astronaut Says He Could Stay in Space for Another Year

“I could go another year if I had to,” Kelly said during a news conference from the International Space Station. Kelly is scheduled to come home March 1 after nearly completing a one-year mission.

US News is reporting that  “America’s space-endurance champ, Scott Kelly, returns to Earth next week after nearly a year in orbit aboard the International Space Station. High on his to-do list when he gets back: jumping into his pool and dining at a real table.”

This is an opportunity to congratulate two incredible people for their achievements, as well as a chance to study the effects of prolonged spaceflight. We all have a chance to experience their return to life on earth, and by extension, can live vicariously through their actions and gain a greater appreciation for the mental and physical sacrifices they have made in the pursuit of knowledge. I’ve the utmost respect for both of these individuals. Scott Kelly, who is the man I’m most familiar with is one hell of a person.
You can watch their return via NASA live streams. We live in a fantastic period of scientific progress and discovery. Do not forget the opportunity to observe scientific history. 

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