See What Happened to Pastor Robert Morris

By | April 10, 2018

See What Happened to Pastor Robert Morris

Pastor Robert’s surgery was successful in stopping the bleeding. Please continue to pray for no more bleeding and a quick and full recovery.

what happened to pastor robert morris

Thank you all again for praying for him, Pastor Debbie, and the family. Your prayers are working!

UPDATE 2 | 11 PM (CT):
The doctors have discovered that Pastor Robert needs to have surgery to stop some internal blood loss. Please be in prayer that the Lord will guide the hands of the surgeon tonight!

We are praying for Pastor Robert Morris for relief from pain and a quick recovery. We love Gateway Church and the Morris family!

Gateway Church Robert Morris


More people reacted to the news on facebook.

C.r. Campbell Our whole household gathered in prayer a few times. Even the kids wanted to pray together for him. My 15 year old even prayed against any curses in Jesus name. We love pastor Robert. With love and prayers in Maryland.

Patty Reynolds Morton Pastor Robert touches so many lives each and every day; I know he has ours. He has a whole lotta’ preaching left to do. God has him in the palm of his hand. Continued prayers. Patty and Jeff in Newton, Iowa. God bless him.

Josh B Rubio III Can’t wait to hear the 1st sermon Pastor preaches after he pulls through this…these trials produce FIRE?
Set this man on FIRE OH GOD!!! Greater anointing from this in Jesus Name!!

Monica Smith Land Hallelujah! Thank You Abba Father for hearing and answering our prayers. Thank You my Sweet Jesus for your healing strips and your precious Blood!!! My faith is in you lord!! Thanks a million my Abba! ??????????????????

Ginger McDermott Thank you Lord, thank you Lord for this good update! It was such a blessing during the night to see so many gathered at the Southlake and NRH campuses, literally so concerned and praying on their knees, on their faces, for hours, and when good news camSee More

Miny Diaz You have never left us So we will never ever leave you Sir man after Gods own heart. You are sooo loved. May all your family feel the endless love and affection from all the prayers. For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are called according to his purpose Romans 8 28 

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