Rick Renner Daily Devotional – Make your light shine

By | April 27, 2015
THINK ABOUT THIS — You may not be aware of who is watching right now, but I promise you there are people gazing upon you and taking note of the light in you. That person or group of people is observing the way you live, how you act, what you do, and what kind of excellence and attitude you demonstrate in the circumstances you face. You may not be aware of it, but they’re watching you — and you are making an impact on their lives.
What an opportunity you have to become a godly influence on someone else who really needs your example. Just lean into the Holy Spirit and do your best to obey Him, and that light will begin to shine into someone else’s darkness. As you walk in obedience to God and His Word, the Holy Spirit will use you to demonstrate the Word of God to someone who really needs your godly influence. You, my friend, are a city on a hill! So let your light shine! (Scripture to study: Matthew 5:16) – Rick Renner

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