Paula White Married Jonathan Cain : Pastor Paula White’s Wedding Pictures

By | April 29, 2015

jonathan cain and paula white

Paula white married : Pastor Paula White’s Wedding Pictures

Statements from Archbishop Duncan Williams
It was a joy to be a blessing during Pastor Paula’s Wedding over the weekend.
Daily, I pray for my sons and daughters all over the world… and if you reading this are also believing God for your marriage, I command a Divine Release right now and stand on Isaiah 34:16 to Decree by Divine Authority from the Throne Room perspective: that as the mouth of the Lord has commanded and His spirit continues to gather, NONE of you shall be without your rightful mate in Jesus’ Name!
Receive your Divine Manifestation of Purpose, Love, Fruitfulness, and Unending Joy this year. May this be the best year of your life…

pastor paula white cain

paula white husband

paula white cain wedding

paula white new husband



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