Markofthebeast 666 : The mark of the beast in revelation

By | April 24, 2015
When it comes to his word or his righteousness our Lord does not waver, we serve a covenant keeping God. Never forget it, because if you do, you’re doomed to fail. Example: If you are tricked into receiving a mark, God will not hold that against you, Satan was NOT allowed to kill Job, and that’s what this mark is….death. Can you be deceived? Yes, in fact a lot of people are, Satan will trick you into taking the mark even if it doesn’t count, then convince you that you are lost and cannot be helped.
I always say that Satan lies without lying, God said something similar to that. He said “the truth is not in him”, meaning sometimes he’s not lying, but it isn’t the truth either, he will beat you with your own assumptions. God cannot steal from him, and he cannot still from God. However he will do everything in his power to get you to go willingly.. So if this ever happens to you, and you believe that you have taken the mark DO NOT throw in the towel.
This is precisely why nobody is in agreement of what the mark even is. Satan would love to have you believe that all of this crap will doom you. Besides If you believe that you have it then you have even more of reason to live right…hell is hot…Compared to Satan we are ALL idiots, God knows that we are no match for him, he has rules, he doesn’t want you to know that…You have God given authority to rebuke him when he crosses the line.

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