Living water international ministries : Pastor zondo – Let’s Walk To The Mountain Top

By | May 4, 2015
Luke 9:28
The more you pray the more power you receive. Jesus took disciples who would support him when he went to the mountain. He also took people who had experience in mountain climbing. These disciples would also need to keep secret whatever was required to remain private.
In your life you don’t need everyone. You need people who love you, support and committed to you. There are people who love you only when you down but when your life becomes better envy you.
Remember, even those you trust and have been with you through thick and thin can get weary and leave you. “Be strong and courageous”, says the Lord.
There’s God who will be with you throughout the journey. Trust God’s faithfulness. With God you can go through every situation you face. God will protect you in that very situation. God gives strength to those who pray.
God wants us to be true worshippers.
There are things you shared with your friends and now they are running with your dream. It’s not everything you must share with other people. Jesus took these disciples because they could keep secrets.
Which category of Jesus’ disciples do you belong? Make a sound decision today to be among those Jesus would want to be with.

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