Joyce Meyer Kids – A child can teach an adult three things

By | April 29, 2015
How many days a week do you feel like life is just too complicated? Even if it isn’t, it doesn’t take us long to make things complicated. Human beings just have this innate ability to ramp up everything to the next level.
I once tried to plan a simple barbecue party…I was going to invite two couples from church, grill hot dogs and hamburgers, and just sit around and fellowship. Sounds good, right?
Well, in one week I managed to turn two couples into 20, buy expensive steaks I couldn’t afford and drive my family crazy with a list of chores I was convinced we just had to do before company came over.
Frankly, I just wanted to impress people. And because of it, I had a miserable week—and I made my family miserable too.
What’s the simple solution to all of this? I believe the answer is in Luke 18:17: Whoever does not accept and receive and welcome the kingdom of God like a little child [does] shall not in any way enter it [at all].
Did you notice it says little? As children get older, even they begin to have the ability to complicate things. But when they’re really little, there’s just none of that.
Little children aren’t complicated. They don’t live their life trying to impress anyone. And they can teach us a lot about how to enjoy life.

Lesson 1: Let Things Go

“ Multitasking may be popular, but the Bible tells us to give our mind to what we are doing. ”
One thing about children is they are extremely forgiving. One minute they can be fighting over a toy and the next minute they’re hugging.
I can tell you that hating people is complicated and it’s hard work. You can carry a grudge and be bitter, resentful, mad and offended. And every time you see “that person” you can cringe inside and you can talk about them behind their back—or you can spare yourself the trouble.
Listen, don’t waste the rest of your life sulking about some unfair thing that happened to you. Get yourself off your mind…and simplify.

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