Foursquare gospel church : Influence of Christianity

By | April 8, 2018

Foursquare gospel church : Influence of Christianity

Jesus said, “I’ve come down from heaven.” Every major religion talks about working your way up to heaven. Christianity is unique in that God came down from heaven to man.

He bridges the gap. He was the initiator. He is the reconciler. That’s why Christianity is the most influential force in the world today. And it’s the only way in which lives are radically transformed from brokenness to wholeness. U.S.A.

Today just reported we are now incarcerating more women than ever around the world. Our answer is to lock people up, to contain their problem, with no real possibility of change or help. It only serves to stigmatize people, and break up their families.

Jesus’ answer is to set them free and liberate them from the chains that enslave them, whether it’s drugs, abuse, poor self-esteem, or neglect. Jesus is the only hope for our broken world. And the Church is His messenger of that Good News.

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