Eckhardt John 2015 – Prophet Arise : The Abilities of a Prophet

By | April 29, 2015
The prophet has the ability (or the grace) to speak into the spirit realm, and set a church back on course spiritually.
For example, a church may be experiencing a real attack against its finances. A prophet can go into that church, speak into the spirit realm as the Holy Spirit wills, curse that spirit of lack and poverty, and drive it off that ministry. And it works the same way with any other kind of satanic attack a church may be experiencing.
I’ve seen many churches turn completely around and become stronger because a prophet came in and set the spiritual atmosphere over that church in order. That prophet made diverse deposits into that church.
You see, this is a little-known side to a prophet. When a prophet prophesies over a church under the unction of the Holy Spirit, that church can be set on a correct course, and spiritual deposits can be made that will change that church forever. (Ed Dufresne) ‪#‎ProphetArise‬

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