Cannabis Oil Medical Uses : Medical Marijuana Oil for Seizures

By | March 11, 2016
Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy 
 Virginia: Senate Passes Bill Approving Production of Medical Marijuana Oil for Epilepsy Treatment
The bill passed in a 39-0 vote Tuesday. It will allow epileptics or their guardians to possess cannabidiol, or CBD, and THC-A oils. A similar bill passed last year did not approve the oils.

This truly is landmark legislation. Now it’s time for the federal government to remove cannabis from the list of schedule 1 drugs. This will open the flood gates on real research and will make cannabis available to veterans. The antidotal evidence that cannabis is a promising treatment for ptsd is overwhelming, but no real studies can be done as long as cannabis is schedule 1. Everyday 22 veterans commit suicide. If this plant could save one veteran from a life of prescription drug addiction or suicide, wouldn’t it be worth making it available

Where do you stand on this issue? Legislators have just passed a bill to allow the production of cannabis oil for patients with intractable epilepsy. But some say the bill discriminates against cancer patients who could also benefit from the oil as well. Should the bill be expanded? We’re covering this story on air now.Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

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