Bishop TD Jakes Double Crossed” Genesis 41:50-52 – 48:1-7

By | January 23, 2017
“Double Crossed” Genesis 41:50-52 ; 48:1-7
The plan that God has for you is far better than the plan you have for yourself. You have to have trust in order to receive favor. God was able to trust Joseph because he had such a forgiving heart. Do not allow your condition to make you lose sight of your position. Being favored does not mean you will not have to fight against generational curses. Trust God and watch Him turn your mistakes into miracles. There is no situation you can encounter that will exceed the importance of God’s eternal purpose in your life. Get to the place in God where He has blessed you in such a mighty way, you have no capacity to be angry with anyone. NOBODY can curse what God has blessed, begin to walk in the purpose He has for you. God is getting ready to cross His hands and open a blessing in your life like you’ve never seen! What God has for you, is indeed for you! (Jer 29:11)
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