Bill Hybels : Willow creek pastor resigns

By | April 11, 2018

Breaking: Willow Creek pastor Bill Hybels has resigned from the influential evangelical megachurch he founded following allegations of misconduct.

Shocked and heartbroken. This is a man, a pastor, and a leader of leaders that did not deserve to leave under an unnecessary cloud.

The Rev. Bill Hybels has been a counselor to presidents and is regarded as one of the most influential evangelical leaders in the country, but tonight he announced he’s stepping down as lead pastor of Willow Creek Community Church.

People reaction to his resignation on facebook.

Missy Sherman He hasn’t been at the church, he co-founded it 42 years ago. This church serves the homelees, the hopeless, the hungry, the prisoners, those who need a hand out and a leg up, and and those who need a Savior. This church serves millions of people at home and around the world, and it will continue to. Bill Hybels has been a visionary and a humble, transparent servant who has led this church with gifted skill, honor and dignity. Those who seek to destroy him will only destroy themselves.

Don Felz I have watched the rise of Willow Creek for many years…no surprise to me. They are in the same bag as Joel Osteen…mega homes, jets, etc….not a lifestyle espoused by Jesus, the man they claim they follows the teachings of. May God be kind when he has to answer to him for this.

Debe Welch It’s all unfounded and not true, but because it’s causing the church to be distracted, he’s stepping down. I know many musicians at Willow. Bill can be demanding and is a perfectionist and can also be short with people, but that’s his personality. I’ve gone to Willow since the 80’s and Bill is the real deal and has flaws like we all do, but that doesn’t make him someone who has done any misconduct.


Janice Steffee Jahnke My family are big Bill Hybels supporters, God blessed the entire world through Bill and his visions. I am always overwhelmed by the ministries that help so many every day at Willow.

Linda Brons Douglas This is an example of a good man being targeted by malicious individuals who are trying to destroy his legacy just before his retirement. I think it’s irresponsible of the Tribune to publish the story after it was proven false. I am not a member of Willow Creek but have great respect for Bill Hybels & the tremendous work he has done. God bless.

Maria Esther Lopez Villagrana Unless you have attended Willow and know the inner workings and the truth, it is inappropriate to comment based on uninformed assumptions. The Chicago Tribunewas given everything and yet they chose to prioritize clicks, likes and sales over the WHOLE truth. I am disappointed in the journal that I trusted, until recently. For those that attack megachurches, remember that Jesus spoke to thousands, up to 500,000 at a time. Dig into the audited numbers before making judgement. Finally, remember that many of these folks have written books read by millions, making the NYT top sellers. This is how they make their wealth. Finally, Bill came from a family of wealth. His motivation towards Willow Creek Community Church NEVER was to make money. It was to win souls for Christ, and lead them to a better life. I am sorry that this is the toll it took on Bill. Not everyone that is accused is guilty. I have nothing to say about those responsible for this, but that only they and God know the truth. This is all so unfair, but God has bigger plans for Bill.

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