Live Eagle Cam 2016 : Bald Eagle Baby Hatches From Egg in Group's Live Video of Nest

Bald Eagle National Bird : bald eagle eggs hatching 
Cameras are set up around the nest so that viewers can watch the eagles in their nest at the U.S. National Arboretum. One of the eggs hatched on Friday morning while the other remains in its shell.
Is anybody watching bald eagle live webcam in DC? One baby has been hatched from the egg. So cute. Looks like a ball of fur at first. Just saw both eagles in the nest for the first time – one who brought food to the nest and they are taking turns sitting in the nest. If you have young children this is a treat for them to witness. I have been watching it for weeks on and off. Amazing to see such animals in the wild and how they live and interact. Absolutely amazing.  Click the link below to watch Hays Bald Eagle Cam and live feed of bald eagles 
If you haven’t yet tuned into the eagles live stream online for the nesting pair of Bald Eagles, you should check back from time to time.. As of last night they had a nest with two eggs, one hatched and the other in due time. This am, the kids got to see one of the adults nudging the baby to wake it up , and the other parent bringing back a pretty good size fish . It was a great learning experience for them .

pictures of baby bald eagles

Are Bald Eagles Endangered 

Why I think this is pretty awesome, I believe in fringes on their right to privacy. They did not consent to have a camera on them 24/7 and strangers involved in their personal private life. This is a clear cut violation of their rights as American Eagles and pretty soon they will see the camera and be traumatized. The sad thing is that there is nothing we can do as fellow Americans citizens because the government and the police don’t see nothing wrong with this. I know because I have wrote several letters and I staged my own protest..

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