home remedies for swollen legs and feet

Many regard swollen legs as a common phenomenon. However, with the beginning of the summer this could become an everyday occurrence.
The emergence of swollen legs is ugly and unpleasant. The legs are part of the body that suffers the biggest load.
This load can be caused by excess weight, longer standing on his feet, specific job conditions, such as prolonged sitting, that is, those factors that lead to fatigue, weight, and the final result – the swellings.
First of all, do not be lazy, go to your doctor to determine the cause of the swelling (kidney, heart, venous insufficiency, hormonal imbalance, etc.).
If the causes of the swellings are not problems in your body, then you can try to solve the problem of swollen legs at home.
I suggest a few tips that will help you to solve the problem of swollen feet in a natural way.
First of all, try to consume less salt. If you cannot avoid salt, use only iodized one. We are used to salty food, so the food without salt seems tasteless.
To avoid this, add lemon juice and other herbal spices in the food. Particularly useful are the parsley and dill, since they possess diuretic effect. Also, use water with lemon juice as often as possible during the day.
 During the summer, try to consume more fruits and vegetables with an emphasized diuretic effect: watermelons, melons, strawberries, cucumbers.
The tea of parsley leaves or root is an excellent diuretic.
Pour 400 ml of boiling water on 1 tablespoon of finely powdered root or leaf of parsley, cover them and let it sit overnight. Strain the tea. Add the juice of one lemon and drink this three times a day per 100 ml. Make a break for 3 days. Drink this tea in this mode until the swelling completely disappears.

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