Ten Reasons Why You Should Pay Tithe

The subject of tithe has recently been a major issue of discussion occasioned by the myopic view and misguided teachings of unscrupulous elements who claim to understand the scriptures and the things of the Spirit. I will however enlighten us on why we should pay our tithes and even give more in the days we are living. Some of my points are;

1. Abraham our father of faith paid tithe and received his blessing from Melchizedec. The Bible says those who walk in his footsteps are also blessed. Romans 4:1. Besides, we are the faith seed of Abraham – Galatians 3:29. We should therefore do what our father Abraham did to secure his financial future.

2. Jacob, Abraham’s grandson made a vow to tithe all his increase. There was no law at that time. He knew by the spirit the importance of tithing and even God reminded him of the vow. Gen 28:20-22, 31:13. If Jacob could have enough sense to give 10% of his increase to God, what should the New Creation who have received uncommon mercy be doing? Be wise like Jacob and pay your tithe. Notice, Jacob did not limit his tithe payment to his income. He paid tithe also from his increase. That means, students and non workers also should pay their tithes from their increase – whatsoever God has blessed you with.

3. Tithing became part of the law of Moses to show the importance it occupies in the mind of God. The law of Moses though has been abolished but the moral principles it teaches is upheld. What is the moral principles? First, full time workers in the house of God requires support and the 10% recommended is reasonable. Today, we also have full time workers in the house of God that requires your support. Without them, you will not enjoy some of the services they render. Most of them are University graduates. Your tithes helps to pay their salaries so they can serve you better.

What about instances they ate their tithe? At that time, the purpose of tithe has not been clearly defined. And it was eaten at the instruction of God. But after a while, they were commanded to give their tithes to the Levites. And the Levites in turn paid 10% of their tithes to the Priest. At this point, only the Levites were permitted to eat their tithes as a reward for their labour. So, the Jews did not always eat their tithes. It was before the office of the Levites was clearly defined they did that. Please, read the whole of Numbers, Chapter 18 for instructions concerning tithe payment.

4. In the New Testament, Jesus did not condemn tithing. He only said they shouldn’t neglect the weightier matters of the Law – Matthew 23:23.

5. Tithe payment is an avenue through which God’s blessings and favour is secured. If Prophet Malachi could open the eyes of the Jews to see the blessings that follows, we too by the same spiritual principles will receive the same blessings.

6. Jesus said, it is more blessed to give than to receive. That means, the more you give, the greater the blessings. So, instead of looking for reasons not to pay your tithe, you should be thinking of how to give more so you can receive more blessings.

7. The Apostles also emphasized support for full time workers. His emphasis was, give as God has blessed you – 1st Corinthians 16:2. Use your common sense. If God required 10% from your income to support workers in the house of God under the Old Testament, do you think you should give less because we are under grace? The grace of God at work in us should even cause us to give more. But start with the 10%. You can decide to make it 20%, 30% or even 90% depending on the level of grace of God upon your life.

8. The teachings of our Lord Jesus even demanded we should give much more even up to 100%. So, how could Jesus condemn tithe payment when he wants you to give much more than 10%. Mark 10:21, Luke 12:33. This instruction of our Lord Jesus demanding we should give virtually all we possess is actually the secret of true wealth. He told his disciples after the young rich ruler went away sad that you will receive in multiple proportions whatever you give away for his sake and the kingdom now in this life and in the life to come, eternal life – Mark 10:29-30.

9. Today, so many people are hurting and are in need of support one way or the other. When you pay your tithe, the Church will have enough reserve to assist those in need. You may want to argue that most Churches don’t do that yet. Yes it is true, but there are Churches who reach out to their members in need. I believe over time, many more Churches will begin to reach out to their members in need. But let everyone begin to imbibe the culture of paying tithe and even giving more. If your current Church doesn’t show concern for the needy, search for another place to worship.

10. The gospel God has called us to preach free but it is not cheap to propagate. Tithe payment can also assist in this areas; purchase of lands, payment of halls, equipment purchase, purchase of chairs etc. Ideally, this is not the main purpose of tithe. Special free will offerings should be raised for projects like this. But it there is an overflow in the amount of tithe needed to sustain the workforce, the excess can be channel along these other lines of needs thereby making the advancement of the gospel easier.

You see from these reasons why you should pay your tithes. The kingdom needs even more commitment from you. Don’t allow the fleet of Jets own by a few men of God discourage you from paying your tithe. What makes you feel it is your tithe money they used? No responsible man of God will use your tithe money to buy a private jet. And there is absolutely nothing wrong in a man of God owing a private jet if it will help him fulfill his ministry. Though, I do not subscribe to several Jets by one man of God but he has his reasons for the extra Jets. But one thing I guarantee you, no man of God buys a private jet with tithe money. If anyone does that, God will judge him and he will come crashing sooner or later.

Most of these men of God are big givers and this is how they get their blessings. They give to other Ministries where they draw their inspirations from.

The moment you withdraw your tithe because of the baseless teachings of a man whose life will soon freeze away, you invariably set up yourself for financial disaster.

So, pay your tithe regularly and even give more. Over time, you will notice uncommon favour and blessings of God upon your life. You will also notice you spend less on medical bills and other unnecessary expenses. Above all, you are helping to advance the course of the gospel.

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