Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Get New Private Jet from Love World Music Group

My Pastor, Reverend Chris Oyakhilome, this night receives a gift of a Jet Aircraft at the Loveworld International Music Award which took place on Sunday night at the prestigious Loveworld Convocation Arena (LCA) to close the week long International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) held in Lagos Nigeria. We need more competition, not less. With our media being as untrustworthy as they are we should be breaking more of them up, not allowing  
The Jet Aircraft gift was given by the Loveworld Music and Art group, an arm of the Believers Loveworld Ministry (aka Christ Embassy) trained by the Man of God to produce world class, worded and faith-filled gospel tunes as well as highly skilled and energetic kingdom dancers. AT&T bought Direct TV and now Direct Tv sucks as bad as AT&T, so if they succeed with Time Warner, then Time Warner will suck also. 
only the upper middle class and rich will be able to have cable coverage. Why 
These folks are not mere singers and entertainers but they are spirit filled gospel music ministers.

Believers Loveworld under the leadership and tutelage of Pastor Chris has produced an uncountable talented worshippers all around the world; such as the ” I Know Who I Am” crooner, Sinach, Evang Kathy Woghiren, Buchi, Frank Edward, Joseph Omo Ebhodaghe (Joe Praise), Eben, Ada Ehi Moses, Martin Phyke, Peter Tobe, Viwe Nikita, Samsong, Da Flame, Pee Yu. Obi Shine, Victor Ike, Sophia, Chris Shalom, T-Sharp, Sharon CSO, Deacon Raph, Isaiah, Eli J, Iyke Onka, Destine Destined Destiny and a whole lot more. The product always goes to hell, service goes to hell and pricing goes thru the roof with all the mergers. NEED the competition!!!!! 
I am particularly very excited that this laudable and auspicious gift is coming just from a Department in Church, a department of very young successful people in Church. ATT is trying to take over so many companies and really need to be stopped, they just got done taking Direct TV and now want Time 

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Warner, what next are they going after. I went to Dish TV from Direct and thought about going back a until ATT called me to tell me this great news ab out Direct TV and were so excited about it, said it was good for the costumers. I said good for who? The government used to stop all these from merging and now seems they do nothing. One day we will look back and see how many companies ATT has taken over. This puts smaller business out of power as they can’t compete with these huge companies.

Nope, as a Conservative I can’t agree with the Government picking winners and losers. Even though I agree with needed competition, I can’t agree with the Federal Government getting involved in the private sectors activities…period, unless it’s a citizen based complaint. 

If you agree with this and you claim to be a Conservative, please reconsider your party and switch to Democrat!

just a reminder they support hillary
AT&T is greedy, they really need to be split up … again. Terrible company.
Just closer to a monopoly…and when a compony has a monopoly, they control the pricing, which ALWAYS hurts consumers. Just think if every cell phone was made my the same company, and only 1 company provided mobile service, the price would be through the roof because they know they can jack prices way up, and they know people will still buy the product.

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