Saturday, September 3

Obituary : Arnold Chan death, Liberal MP, Dies After Battle With Cancer

OTTAWA — Liberal backbencher Arnold Chan, whose eloquent, emotional tribute to democracy earlier this summer moved many in the House of Commons to tears, was remembered Thursday as a good friend, a wonderful husband and a dedicated public servant.

The 50-year-old Chan died of cancer three years after he was first diagnosed with the disease.

People are paying tributes on social media.

Mourning the passing of not only a great parliamentarian, but a close friend. Arnold Chan, your drive to serve Canadians was ever inspiring. Rest in peace, my friend - you will be dearly missed.

This one hits hard and close to home. Arnold and I received the same diagnosis at roughly the same time. We walked the journey together and became good friends. He was a class act and will be sadly missed. #emotional #reflective #gratitude #RIP

I did not know Arnold Chan, yet all I need are these words - these true, simple words made moving and beautiful by his passion and decency - to understand what a loss he is for his riding, his Parliament and his country. And what a towering monument he must be to his family. God Bless Him.

Words cannot express how saddened I am to learn of this news. Arnold Chan has been more than a mentor, leader, and Member of Parliament. He was my friend and a beacon of hope for many. My most sincerest thoughts go out to Jean and the boys.

I had met Arnold a few times, but didn't know him well. One thing I did know was how passionate and committed he was to his community and to public service. A stark reminder of how fragile life is. Sad to see him go far too soon.
"We should use our heads, but follow our hearts" - Arnold Chan

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