Saturday, July 2

Death Obituary : Michelle Rounds, Rosie O'Donnell's Ex-Wife, Dies of Suicide at 46

Rosie O'Donnell's ex-wife Michelle Rounds died Monday at the age of 46.
O'Donnell and Rounds were married in June 2012 before finalizing their divorce in March 2016. They also adopted 4-year-old daughter Dakota together.
Rosie O’Donnell’s Ex-Wife Michelle Rounds

People are paying tribute on social media.

Heather Ashley was feeling sorry.

Rosie O’Donnell’s and Michelle Rounds

My heart is broken in a million pieces right now. Michelle Lee Rounds-Monteleone
Please reach out to those you love. Tell them you care. If you fear they are going to hurt themselves please say sometime. We are all fragile and need to hear we are loved and appreciated.
Rosie O’Donnell’s and Michelle Rounds

So sad. None of us will understand why some one would end their own life. For many I guess they are going through such a deep depression we will never understand. I guess they come to the point where they just feel hopeless and the world becomes too much for them to handle. I had a very close friend who committed suicide many years ago. Matter of fact I knew a lady who lived down the street from me who stopped by once and awhile that committed suicide. Addictions can really take over ones life as well. Just becomes overwhelming. So sad!!!!!. Many reasons why one ends their own life none of us could understand. They are no longer struggling with their demons and are in peace. Resting in Peace.

Hmm. I didn't even know Rosie had a beautiful ex-wife. But I get the tRump thing now. Imagine Mr. Pussy-Grabber believing he is God's gift to all women, and seeing Rosie with a beautiful wife. Just like his screwed up reason for deciding to be a Potus, his attacks on Rosie were obviously driven by jealousy. What a petty, shallow man he is.
Rest in Peace Ms. Rounds.

My heart is broken... It took me 30 seconds to find the photo album that captures the love and friendship shared with my dear friend Michelle Lee Rounds-Monteleone, as if guided to it. My heart breaks for the girl who made me feel more beautiful than I am, who saw everyone's inner beauty, who's own beauty she did not recognize, who's ambition and success was enviable and who tried to live her truth. Rest in peace sweet girl. The Ear Inn... NYC 1997

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