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Death Obituary : Wetsuit manufacturing pioneer,Jack O'Neill, has passed away.

We are deeply saddened to report that wetsuit manufacturing pioneer,Jack O'Neill, has passed away. Jack will be remembered for enabling surfers to ride cold-water breaks around the world as well as a true waterman. Our deepest condolences to the O'Neill family. Rest In Peace Jack.

Though he was a titan of the surfing world, O'Neill kept an extremely low profile. “I’m not much into business, I’m into the ocean,” he said.

REST IN PEACE: One of the most influential people in the history of surfing has died. Jack O’Neill transformed the sport 65 years ago when he created the first neoprene wetsuit. Full Story 

People are paying tributes on social media.

Farewell to Santa Cruz hero and wetsuit creator, Jack O'Neill, who passed away earlier this week. This photo of the O'Neill hot air balloon lofting over the Main Beach is from 1976. The O'Neill Sea Odyssey catamaran can be seen most every day out on the bay teaching ocean conservation. Please check them out and consider donating to help protect our oceans. 🏄🌊

Junior Rivera To have had a pioneer like this man in our lifetime is a gift. A giving man with a vision he gave to others. I did not know this man personally but I have read a great deal about him, all of which has been positive. Thank you Sir for your contribution in making this a better planet.

Janet Gillespie One of a kind, who revolutionized surfing. I was honored to meet this riveting character.

Mike Monahan Travel well Jack.. I remember the 60's & 70's as a kid in Santa Cruz and the craze you created. You made my active/adventure lifestyle much more comfortable & enduring for sure. Mother Earth has always praised you and your efforts to enlighten and inspire this stagnant society. RIP mate..

Alan J. Sutovsky The O'Neil LT, perfect fit and lasting quality. I'd wouldn't wear anything else until the others caught up. O'Neil was always 5-7 years ahead of everyone else.

Tony Norris RIP mate. My son had 4 amazing years in the juniors representing your company, maybe the best years of his surfing life. Your product was and still is the best on the market. Thank you Jack. Rest now, nobody does it better.

John Vanden Dries I remember graduating from diver's long johns and beaver tail top to the O'Neill full suit. It was equivalent to the shortboard revolution.

Gary T Trevisan Jack you will be missed! I'll treasure our several talks on E. Cliff Dr. Thanks for keeping me warm in the lineup at the Hook!

Mark Griffiths I grew up in O'Neill wetsuits. Very sad to hear the news. Rest Easy Jack, Thanks for keeping me warm for the last 30 years mate.

Maureen O'Neil Although not related to Jack, the Santa Cruz community has always been warm and welcoming - honoring the name we share. He was loved!

William Bostic A surfing legend. Jack's products were the mack! Bought an O'Neil long suit in 1975- quality made, not this junk now that's made in China. May you ride an endless head-high wave bro!

Bill Weeks Thanks jack for keeping me warm & comfortable since the 70's. Great man who changed surfing!!! For everyone.

John Faulkner Bought my first O'Neill suit in 1963. Never have owned any other brand. Bye Jack and thanks!

Lenny Komene Matthew Flynn our wetsuit conversation in the surf today. RIP Jack O'Neill.

Prince Ricker Only wetsuit I ever had. Great stuff. Another surf hero passes. Thanks, Jack. RIP.

Chris Grim Thanks for the wetsuit that opened up surfing to so many and makes me look forward to winter swells.

Jeremy Rail Phil Dreyer remember your first wetsuit you made back in the sixties out of a rugby jersey with rubber over it. O'Dreyer wetsuits

Hiram SF Marinas His invention of wetsuit made surfing all year around. Rest in Peace Capt. Jack.

Alan Pancratz I've never worn anything but O'Neill wetsuits, the best!! R.I.P Jack

Alex Lencioni So sad to hear about jack the person that brought surfing in warmth even in the coldest days winter swells😔🏄🏽🌊

Michael Valencia First wetsuit and will continue to always bear the brand O'Neill, land and sea. Rest In Glory Jack.🙏🏻

Mota Gita Ninety four, so beautiful. Such a rich life. So long my friend.

Keith Trayer Starling Thanks for sharing the surfers path with us... and thanks for keeping us warm. Godspeed, Jack.
Paul Lindstrom Back in the day, helped make New England winters bearable . . .

Chris Farrand Just bought like my 30th one of these baby's and only buy O'Neil, thanks for all the warm dawn patrols 🙏🏼RIP

Raphael Loh O'Niell is sarcastic, immature, disobeys direct orders, and has no respect for superior officers with no combat experience... And there is no one I would rather follow onto a battlefield, against an army of advanced parasitically enhanced slaves from other planets!
Valentin Turea-Slovac I present you the one and only Jack O'Neill, with 2Ls... The galactic badass, indeed!!! 👌😎🎆

William Lee The man. The myth. The legend. And the "Ah for crying out loud!!!" 

Edwin Jansen Ooh for crying out loud! Me?! "sarcastic, immature, disobeys direct orders, and has no respect for superior officers with no combat experience". You got to be kidding me!? . 

Becky Hird The sarcastic little git that always manages to weasel out of whatever trouble he lands himself and his team in, 😎😜😇💙

Brady L Chies Ok guys, i've spotted the new location of the stargate reboot...prepare to fire on my command..oddessy...prepare for ground bombardement..lets show these assclown how we roll....lol

Gregg Barnes In a cast of well written characters, O'Neill stood out as my favorite. Tough as nails, as sarcastic as they come, and loyal to his team. I miss this show!

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