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Death Obituary : Robert Spoon , Fire Department Paramedic Dies After Mount Greenwood House Fire

A Chicago Fire Department paramedic was found Thursday in a home on fire in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood on the Far South Side.

Robert Spoon worked as a Chicago Fire Department paramedic for 2½ years and with the fire department in south suburban Hometown for a decade. Full Story 

Andrew Bockholt
Andrew Bockholt Good! This has to be the response when we have no leadership from the White House! Can't wait to send the cheeto and chief out on his "covfefe"!
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Janet Moses
Janet Moses Is this how civil war starts? Our country has been "divided" for decades.... but its starting to feel like a snowball effect at this point.
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Stephan Arcieri
Stephan Arcieri I am glad those 61 mayors will do so, that's 61 cities that will have economic hardships, making it easier for those who do not join in.  

Be prepared to be voted out.
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June Schulte
June Schulte Several private industry advisors who were on his economic advisory team also resigned because of this poor decision, including Elon Musk and the Disney CEO. GE also read Trump the riot act. Companies are jumping ship on Trump. It's going to be a snowball effect and he will rue the day he didn't listen to actual climate experts.
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Joanne Matthew
Joanne Matthew He paused during his speech, waiting for the applause that he so desperately needs to hear. This delusional, demented old man needs to be put out to pasture, but our hate filled, corrupt congressional leaders are bowing down to him at every chance. I'm...See More
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Sid Norris
Sid Norris This is a idiotic response. All the Paris accord wants is our 3 Trillion Dollars. So where are these 61 idiots going to get 3 Trillion dollars?
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Claudio Umesh
Claudio Umesh Chief Seattle said to the President of USA, "this we know - the Earth does not belong to man - man belongs to the Earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth - befalls the sons of the Earth. Man did not weave the web of life - he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself".
The same message should be sent to Donald Trump. He should understand it.
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Pletch Jon
Pletch Jon Their "facts" are that based on 150 years of temp readings humans cause everything.

How many years has the earth been here?

How many years have humans been here?

Before humans the earths climate changed many times. No matter what humans do or do not do, the earth will keep changing. No matter what we do or do not do, humans will not be on the earth forever. 

Spending billions we do not have, that will have no effect on anything, is a crime against this country's economy.
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Telmo Germano
Telmo Germano I would like to see the rest of the world taking actual measuremts to show US that there actions are accountable. Cancel bussiness deals with American companies, apply economic sanctions to the US, establish a quota of importing goods made in the US. Maybe then Donald will see that US will loose money and change is mind...
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Jim Fitzpatrick
Jim Fitzpatrick trump is done because of the Russia investigation and he knows it. He does not care any more. Today, on his way out of his job, he was just trying to stick it to the educated, intelligent part of America that scorns him.
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Jamie Fowler
Jamie Fowler Good. Maybe he will learn that we don't have a national government but rather made up of fifty sovereign states bound together. The states are ultimately the supreme power.
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William Scott
William Scott I thought a key component was transferring billions to under-developed nations to advance clean technologies... Will they mayors be sending that assistance?
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Cosme Alex
Cosme Alex If you're upset about the US dropping out of the Paris climate deal now's the time to take action. Take the pledge to fight back against climate change. Agree with others to no longer cool your house or apartment with air conditioning. Also, heat your home to only 55 degrees in the winter. Wear a down jacket if you get a chill. Don't heat your water either. Hot showers are a luxury the planet can't afford. Agree to no longer drive to work or to socialize. Instead walk or ride your bike. If you live too far away, move closer. And while you're at it, downsize your living space. There's no reason why 4 or 5 people can't live in a 500 square foot space. Many people do that around the globe. You'll adjust to the loss of privacy. If you really must drive sell your gas guzzling SUV and luxury cars and buy a high-mileage hybrid. If you're not driving a Prius you're violating a sacred trust with mother earth. Also, pledge to no longer fly anywhere on vacation or to visit family and friends. Definitely do not jet off to Coachella to take groovy selfies with strangers tripping on mushrooms. Also, agree to no longer buy fruits and vegetables that are shipped out-of-season or aren't grown locally. No more avocados for guacamole (you know that's cultural appropriation for most Americans anyway, so that's a twofer). No more salad in winter. No more tomatoes on veggie burgers. No more pineapple, mangoes, oranges, and dozens of other fruits and vegetables. But don't despair. Many root vegetables are an option. Contact me on how to build a root cellar in your new apartment. It's going to be a must-have. After all, you also agree refrigeration must go. The planet is at stake. Don't worry. We can all get through this together. Post your pledge below now!
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Trena Jarnagin-Blackburn
Trena Jarnagin-Blackburn The Paris Accord is a poorly written deal that just takes billions from American taxpayers and redistributes it overseas. The key polluters, like China and India, are still given a greenlight to pollute under the Accord. Plus the deal takes jobs and energy development away from America. #AmericaFirst.
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Bill Scott
Bill Scott Elizabeth Larsen Scott, Linda Sharkey, Byron Sharkey, Byron Sharkey - it should hearten us that Washington's governor and Seattle's mayor still support the Paris agreement.
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Bill Flewelling
Bill Flewelling Thats commendable to those mayors, but remember how trump operates. , you will lose subsidiaries yo help in you green projects as his plan is to start using coal again to heat major companies /plants and if there is natural gas under your states fracking will start and guess what your water supplies will taste like fuel and you can heat your homes out of your kitchen sink with water that ignites with a match
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P JR Allen
P JR Allen The biggest idiot in the world is ruining what was once the best country in the world. How does this happen? "Democracy"...right...
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Ebon L. Tatro
Ebon L. Tatro I honestly think he is so egotistical that he will likely do some kind of mic drop resignation under the guise that he is so good he finished the job early; in reality he won't be able to face facts and he'll get pissed like a reactionary child and make a tactical retreat with the plan to blame whomever takes over for everything he did failing miserably.
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Cheryl Wandschneider-Cheun
Cheryl Wandschneider-Cheun Climate change is a FRAUD... cooked up by the filthy rich, to make sure the rest of us can't afford to descent! We ARE capable of solving our planets problems... but that begins when we educate instead of indoctrinate today's students! Science, math, those are the subjects that WILL find the answers... not gender studies... but keep whining. That helps, NOT!
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Ursula Susie Opalinski-Levy
Ursula Susie Opalinski-Levy China and India will TAKE $, but only promise to "warn" their country re: global warming. India plans to DOUBLE coal consumption for next few years........ didnt ANY of you do your homework????
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Abdimalik Hassan
Abdimalik Hassan The best way to deal with Trump is just what these governors are doing -- ignoring him. So are 61 mayors. His lies and outrageous behavior must be stopped.
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Michael Arbor
Michael Arbor Glad we still have some people in government who have functioning brains...
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James Aloysius-Patrick Golden
James Aloysius-Patrick Golden I haven't looked at the list of these cities, but, I'm sure a bunch are also sanctuary cities. Please Mr. President, start taking away what federal funding you can.
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Dulckiney F Victor
Dulckiney F Victor CNN would say that President Donald J. Trump was weak if he failed to deliver on what he promised in climate change polls, and that voters should move away from the Republican because no one could trust a traitor now that White House has confirmed what was promised in the campaign, CNN will accuse the Commander in Chief of something as always did, Obama has refused any climate security deals during almost every office at White House, only signed the agreements when he lost the race with Democrat nominee.
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Peter Friedberg
Peter Friedberg Year 2017.
“As a Dane living in Denmark also means I am a citizen in Europe
as Denmark is a part of Europe.
Europe is a part off this planet called earth which means I am also 
a citizen of this earth” This includes United States of America…

As a taxpayer in Denmark I pay around 46% income tax and that’s very high…
But I am willing to do so because:
I invest through tax in the people and the world around me…
I believe as many others, that many of the biggest problems and worries a citizen off the world have
today can only be solved when uniting with others nationally and internationally.

Dear American

If you believe that Climate change is real, please remember that no country
of this planet can build nationally boarders high enough to eliminate the possible threat.

All countries should try to do all what’s possible to make their specific country a fantastic place to live in and a slogan like “Making America Great again” is a fantastic goal and personally I hope you achieve
the greatness you hope for.

If you reading this, should be an American living in United States of America, it also means you are a citizen of this planet Earth, which also means that you and I both are neighbors of this planet.

You and I should unite and: Make the planet Earth great again.

Lots of love from a simple ADHD coach and social worker
from tiny Denmark
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Daniel Divananda
Daniel Divananda #Covfefe
Covfefe’ (pronounced “cuv – fee- fae”) is an Antediluvian term for “In the end we win.” It was commonly used by the sons of Adam to rail against the evil actions of the fallen who had led man astray.
The term gained popularity prior to the g...See More
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Ed Tobin
Ed Tobin You know, months after the election and these snowflakes are still crying in their beer! I laugh so hard my belly hurts !!!!
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Peter Benjamin
Peter Benjamin Yep they are going to adopt , honour and uphold the PARIS accords .great .fine .terrific ...one small question though? HOW ARE THEY GOING TO PAY FOR IT? ....will the democrats fund them ? Maybe some rich businessman? Elon Musk ? Bill Gates? What about Bernie Sanders?
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Stevie Pizer
Stevie Pizer It's nice to see intelligence and integrity out there. Trump has really now made himself look the fool. The world will hear of this.
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Daniel Divananda
Daniel Divananda #ParisAgreement
This is now a great opportunity for places like India, and China and Thailand to step up and show how awesome they are. ... They can start by actually having garbage collection for those 3billion people. ... I've been there, every morn...See More
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Stewart Geekie
Stewart Geekie Will the left resist trumps pullout of the Paris agreement ?of course they will!!! Is climate change real?of course it is!!!! Is doing anything to reduce emissions going to help?not a dam bit!!! And WHY???
Because there are too many people on earth!!!earth can only sustain according to experts between 1to 3 billion people over centuries of time!!!we are now at close to 8 billion people devouring every resource on it!! All the think tanks and experts and governments and people of the world have to come up with a plan to reduce the earths population to at least 3 billion people in the next hundred years or there will be the extinction of man within the next 100 to 500 years according to experts!!and everyone can do whatever they want to curb climate change but unless there is a population correction within a hundred years or so,it won't matter one little bit because man will no longer be on the planet!!
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Gary Spencer Summer
Gary Spencer Summer Wouldn't life be grand if these climate liberals were better informed! If so, they would understand that the Paris Agreement is actually a New World Order document which requires the USA to pay 3 Billion Dollars plus to those less "fortunate" countries. 

Furthermore; the agreement calls for the costs associated within to be covered by "wealthy" countries (like the USA), while other countries will pay nothing. 

This all said; the Paris Agreement is a Socialist trick to redistribute wealth from the American taxpayer to other countries. This on top of the "aid" America already doles out! 

NOW... let's focus on getting this country out of the U.N., and it's Gun Treaty nonsense!
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Sylvia Sine Whittaker
Sylvia Sine Whittaker Obama gave away trillions of our tax dollars in this bad deal and trump took it back, so every state who wants to can take all your state tax dollars and send to india, china. Send every dime you collect...
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Jeff Karlin
Jeff Karlin Once again Trump is completely out of touch with the American people and what we stand for.
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James J. James
James J. James Except for the bill. No one is saying we shouldn't reduce our footprint, but the 3 billion isn't coming out of the states.
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Mandy Morris
Mandy Morris Those governors gonna ship a billion dollars to India every year? Haha didn't think so
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Douglas Peeples Jr
Douglas Peeples Jr Them 61 mayors and governors better not ask for $ from the rest of us when they are broke.
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Chuck Butler
Chuck Butler good. and they can pay for it locally. see how long that lasts.
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Daniel Banhegyi
Daniel Banhegyi Proud of all the states that are pushing back to try and make our world a better and healthier place to live
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Peter Watkins
Peter Watkins How can it be America first when you're going to kill the planet.
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Chris Simões-Gaffney
Chris Simões-Gaffney Let's work on the Earth Agreement, which is a global organized effort to remove Trump from the planet.
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Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis These countries are acting like the Paris agreement is something more than an honor system. It's like if you and three buddies agree not to drink anymore than 2 drinks each at the club and you pull out and say look i'm drinking as much as I want then your three buddies are like "no, you can't". okay, watch me.
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Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason Trump is not doing what the business community wanted and you trump supporters said he was business man, you guys are fools.
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Jean Yves Otema
Jean Yves Otema Now you're dealing with the tangerine stain toddler in full effect. Enjoy USA.
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Nehiel Rivera
Nehiel Rivera AWESOME!!!! hopefully more and more states will join in! We must make calls to our state reps and legislators and senators!
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Eugene Stark
Eugene Stark Of course without leadership from Washington sticking with the Paris accord will be slipshod and lax. Very discouraging.
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Jay Vineyard
Jay Vineyard Mayors? Lol okay good luck. Can't wait to see you making my sandwich one day
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Sylvia Jeanne Rodoni Koutz
Sylvia Jeanne Rodoni Koutz Thank goodness that there are still some sane and logical representatives of our government that are working on our behalf.
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Damir Catic
Damir Catic Nobody cares or listens to this tool anymore besides red hat brainwashed trumpians .
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Timothy Mortenson
Timothy Mortenson Funny how the vast majority of the states Killary had won...as for the Governors-same thing...cities- same thing.
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Ansley Payne-Heinsohn
Ansley Payne-Heinsohn AWESOME!!! The best thing I've heard all day!!! #ParisAgreement #WereWithParis
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Maia Lyngstad Surdez
Maia Lyngstad Surdez It's almost comical. All the negative stuff people say about trump is almost identical to all the negative stuff people said about obama. Wake up people. Both sides are the same.

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