Thursday, February 23

Death Obituary : Reid Comita, North Texas Boy Scout Dies on Backpacking Trip

Dear... When a passenger asks for help ( flight attendants ) with carry on bag ( overhead bin ) and reason for help was surgery ( mastectomy ) to be exact , response of " Sorry
A North Texas family is grieving the unexpected loss of their son. Reid Comita, 15, a student at Central High School in Keller, collapsed this week while on a Boy Scouts trip in West Texas.can't help you should have checked in your bag if you had surgery ) .... is the rudest thing ever. Yep that happened to me last week. My flight was delayed, checked bag would have never made it 
Reid had been on his way to Eagle Scouts status when he died, most likely of heat stroke.
"It was awful. I mean, it was awful," said Reid's father, John Comita, about getting the call Sunday afternoon that something was wrong.I think we need a serious passenger of bill because the airlines are clearly unwilling to govern themselves. Profits are too important to them. 
John Comita said he does not blame the Boy Scouts.Despite American Airlines is willing to back off from 29 inches seats on the new 737 max, but what makes 30" acceptable? As a frequent traveler, I actually note that the major
"I'm grateful. I'm grateful for all of them. The Scouting community is fantastic," he said.
Reid collapsed at the Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch, where the temperature Sunday reached 105 degrees. His parents are awaiting autopsy results for the exact cause of death.delay this year is the "ground delay". Sometimes the plane landed early, but the flight ended up being delayed because there was no gate. The airlines are too ambitious with the gate 
John Comita said his son loved the Scouts and lived it.
"A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent," the father said. "He was all those." I fly only JetBlue or virgin for domestic flights. I feel the safest and least likely to be involved in some insane incident like the other airlines seem to have constantly
Reid was on the trip to get his final badge needed for Eagle Scout rank. His father and a neighbor plan to finish Reid's community project: a playground at a local battered women's shelter."The number of complaints about airline service has skyrocketed"
did government become involved?...since 9/11...John Comita said his son loved the Scouts and singing. The family's computer is filled with photos and video clips through the years. In one video taken five years ago, Reid sings from the musical "Oliver" in a clear tenor voice.Employees at airport treat people horrible . I just took a trip to Florida the employees are rude and at security they are rude and inconsiderate I'm disabled and use a cane and 
"Where is love?" he sang, as his father watched the computer image and cried. "It's right there. That's where love is."But I'm talking about this Black man: JEREMY JACKSON head was chopped off while he was still Alive: Autopsy is in. $20,000 Reward is Not enough. This should be the FIRST words out of the President's MOUTH or TWEETS tomorrow. Mississippi Beheads an Innocent Black Man.

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