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Death Obituary : Kenley Ratliff, 2-year-old dies from tick-borne disease, doctors say

Kenley Ratliff, 2, died Saturday after she had been at the hospital for several days following a high fever that wouldn’t go down...
Her mother just wants to get the message out there to other families 

Two-year-old loved spending time outdoors with her family. Family and friends say they're waiting for autopsy results to confirm whether it was a tick bite that caused her death.

"The condition of this poor baby laying there the way she was, it's a mother's nightmare, a father's nightmare."

Family and friends say they're waiting for autopsy results to confirm whether it was a tick bite that caused her death.

People are paying tributes on social media.

This one's a heartbreaker.
And it comes with a serious warning from a grieving family, in hopes of protecting other families.
Kenley Ratliff went from perfectly healthy to dangerously sick in just one week. The two-year-old died Sunday morning. Family believes she died from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - caused by a tick bite. Experts say this will be an especially dangerous year for ticks. Take precautions for yourself and your kids when outdoors and please keep this family in your prayers. WATCH: http://www.wthr.com/art…/family-toddler-died-after-tick-bite GOFUNDME: https://www.gofundme.com/kenleys-medical-fund TIPS TO STAY SAFE: https://www.epa.gov/…/2016-08/documents/cdc-rmsf-trifold.pdf

Summer R. Hall My spouse has chronic Lyme disease and there are seven co-infections of tick born illnesses. There is an epidemic that no one is talking about

Jonathan Stoops ticks this year are no joke. went hiking on a mowed trail in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and had over 30 on me when done. Thankfully none bit.

Renee Rhea Ratliff Maybe it would have been appropriate for the news station to get clearance from Kenley's parents before airing this story?
The grieving parents had no clue that their daughters story was being reported!

Kristen Stowe Julie Hawes I don't want to concern you but had to share! The article says use deet with 20-30 to protect and also I don't know if you would be able to but spraying around your camper.

Megan Taylor- Kuhfahl I was just treated for Lyme Disease about a month ago but we think we caught it in time! My husband found the tick on my back in my waist line and it was very small so we knew to watch...got the bite rash first, followed by numbness in all my limbs, about a month after the bite I got another rash that spread on my torso, neck, and face! Then started having joint pains in my hips! Finally it all went away but I had two rounds of Strong medicines! The ticks are no joke this year! Please please please use insect repellent especially on small children! My heart hurts for this family 😢
Cathy Griffith Richardson While I have chronic Lyme and I freak out about ticks this sounds like sepsis brought on by strep, my husband died from the same thing and it only took a week, I will be interested to hear the exact cause. Prayers to her family, I can't even imagine what they r going through
Sandy Gobel My oldest sister got Rocky Mountain spotted fever when she was young but the Dr. found the tick and she got through it. Very, very low incidence rate for it here in Oregon. We get ticks every year in the mountains in E. Oregon but usually find them before they dig in. Never had a reaction like he did.
Sonya Wathen Seven years ago my daughter came down with encephalitis and meningitis related to a mosquito bite. Later was determined to be California Encephalitis. We live an hour south of Plainfield. Sunscreen and bug spray. Prayers for the family.
Amber Jones Abby Noel not to freak you out more but after you told me about ticks and now I see this.... that's scary! I'm getting spray with deet first thing in the morning!
Stephanie Kay Buffington My uncle died less than 2 months back in October 2014 after being bit by a tick. He was diagnosed with "Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis". We think the tick bite made this happen. God bless that sweet child!!!
Jackie Boone Adam Boone, All the hiking we'll be doing, we need to take extra measures. Fully covered, skin and clothes sprayed, and maybe we can get the kids to wear hats. So scary! Everyone saying the ticks are worse than usual 🙁
Shawna Herbert McWilliams Ticks are really bad this year, covered myself in deet and still picked off 7 after one hike. 

Prayers for this family.
Breanna Coghill Not always in hair .. my 4 month old was inside we have land and I changed her diaper and was in her groin area some how crawled up her leg so besides checking hair , check under your arm pits , groin area baby leg rolls ect they like warm places .
Kristi Jackson Woke up the other morning with one crawling on my shoulder...haven't seen a tick in years and so far we've had three on us or the dog.
A.e. Studt This is so sad . I believe that it probably was Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It can Kill that quickly. I've been biting twice it's no fun let me tell you. A young one has a lot harder time trying to fight it off. It can overwhelmed the little body very very fast. My condolences to the family. People please be careful outside and look for them every time your outdoor
Brent Medina They have Lawn and garden treatment that kills up to 50 different insects. You apply it using a seed spreader then water down your yard or area you are at most. Oh and wait 24 hours to fully take effect.
Richard IndyHarley Wilbur Use deet spray on your clothing and especially around your leg area.

Pat McCray I cannot imagine the loss of a child or grandchild. Folks ALWAYS ALWAYS use an insect repellent on kids and yourself when you are outside. I have grandkids and I NEVER let them out without using Avon Bug Guard. It is Deet free so I don't have to wash it off after a couple of hours as it won't hurt their skin. There are many different kinds so find one that is suitable for you and please please please USE IT.
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Monica Kirby Thank you so very much to WTHR's Jennie Runevitch for reaching out to the family. They appreciate it more than you will ever know. Their goal is to raise awareness about ticks to possibly prevent this from happening to someone else's baby. Here is a link to the GoFundMe that her grandma set up for her. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers and share this link and or donate if you can. Anything will help. 

Paige Torres Karen Conn do you think they spray the camp? Or do you think the kids will be ok?

Shannon Brown Derouin She was being treated for strep. What makes them think it was a tick?

Tammy Ponder My son has DX of Lyme's. It was missed by ER doctor, and another physician. Finally, my neighbor stated, "He has Lyme's, and you need to make them test him." So, I did. He was put on what seemed like lethal doses of antibiotics. His residual effects ar...See More
Deborah L Payne Hinton This is so heartbreaking! Rest in Heaven baby girl! Praying for this family 🙏🏻

Frances Ogles So sad and yes ticks are bad. So sorry this family is going thru this. May God hold them in the palm of his hand and give them peace and grace.
Dana Lofland Oh my this is heartbreaking..I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.rip lil angel...I will share to spread awareness of this deadly bug..
Ashley Person Am I the only person having trouble getting the video to play?

Katie Allen Tick borne illnesses are no joke. They hurt and kill. Many go undiagnosed for years. prayers for this family ❤️
Amy Michelle Tommy .... when you take Jewelzy fishing (or any of your kids) make sure you check for ticks. They are bad in our area this year.
Kim Renard So very sorry for your loss.I know she is flying high with her beautiful wings for she is now one of gods little angels. I can't imagine what you are going through I can only imagine what I would be going thru as a grandparent of one of my precious ones passed.
Sylvia Lynn Praying for this family very sad story god took home a little angel.thank God u could share your story with all of the other mother's out there so we would know what to be looking out for .
Melissa Torres so sad my prayers are with you and family may God bless ya through this and give you faith strength and love she will always be your little Angel

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