Friday, February 24

Death Obituary : Frankie Delgado III , 4-Year-Old Boy Suddenly Dies of Possible 'Dry Drowning' Week After Swim

 Here's the thing.....CNN don't care. It's just SOP for them. They will a new story against Trump tomorrow with anonymous sources saying comey was paid or threatened to lie. Selling false narratives to liberals that will believe them is CNNs entire game. This changes nothing.
A 4-year-old avid Mets fan from Texas went swimming with his family over Memorial Day weekend. Six days later, he abruptly woke up during the night, took a deep breath and died, the apparent victim of a rare phenomenon often referred to as "dry drowning." Full Story 

· June 7 at 9:06pm
Brad Brunson
Brad Brunson Almost all major news networks have become nothing more than a TV National Enquirer. All BS. And they wonder why almost 70% of Americans don't trust them. (That's from a recent gallop pole)
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Don Green
Don Green CNN, TODAY'S LEADER IN FAKE NEWS! News channel for Democrats who like their news without any true facts.
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Rex Whisnant
Rex Whisnant everything from CNN specifically, and MSM in general, comes with ambiguity and innuendo with no basis in fact. Their lead in collusion was countered by Trump (not trolling, but fact) in his letter reference to Comey, that "3 times" Comey insinuated Tr...See More
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Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia Figures! Cnn has been exposed as fake news and they continue to live up to their reputation, as one of many anti Trump news networks. But we the people know what you're doing cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, new york times, washington post and others. Your lies and deceiving words will eventually bring you down and finish you off.
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Pam Meekhof Conrad
Pam Meekhof Conrad And they are slow learners! They are now reporting info supposedly from the closed session today that Comey might have said that Sessions may have met with the Russian ambassador an third undisclosed time. CNN talking (empty) heads are speculating that this is why Trump's team wouldn't say that they had full confidence in Sessions. More innuendo based on leaked info.
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Chuck Collier
Chuck Collier Comey's testimony indicates Trump asked several times if he was being personally investigated. It also states the difference between counter-intelligence and criminal investigations, of which Trump was ignorant. Also, Comey says he presented Trump and ...See More
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Glenn Mandanici
Glenn Mandanici Apologies? The narrative dictates their "exact" intentions... There will be no apologies, and they will use "courtroom rhetoric" twisted ideology, and total fabrication to convince "fkng idiots" (Hitlary's definition) that the left has been "victimized." To further their failed "globalization" agendas...
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Patty Harris
Patty Harris OM gosh I watched a little of Don Lemon last night to see what they are up to and yes it is not easy to watch but I do. well they were spinning every bit of what Comey wrote into something other han what it is. It is truly amazing how they do this. Their lies are born on this disgusting show.
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Steve Corsi
Steve Corsi Commie Nitwit Nonsense
Did anyone catch the fact that he told Congress that Trump was not under investigation but the Democrats in Congress continued to push that he was so their with no surprise big liars as well
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Kenneth Allen
Kenneth Allen An anonymous source just old me that Ted Turner said he'd write me a check for a million dollars tomorrow. I'm sure that's all the evidence Ted needs, so I'll be looking forward to that check. And if Jane can co-sign it, that'll be even cooler.  ;)
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Renee Lian
Renee Lian It's funny how comey said he does not keep notes when it came to the Hillary investigation. Now all of a sudden he has notes that even include the expression on his face .smh
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Neil Knight
Neil Knight Yeah, not gonna accept Zero Hedge. A bunch of FSB assets run that hole. Maybe when a less obviously anti-American source comes up I'll consider it.
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LeeAnn Smebak
LeeAnn Smebak Top 10 things we learned yesterday:
1. Trump was never under investigation. 
2. Trump did not obstruct justice....See More
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Tony Sarrio
Tony Sarrio CNN- The propaganda specialist. I doubt they even had a source. The made it up to satisfy the small brain pans of their viewers.
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Carolyn Kearney
Carolyn Kearney CNN as the other fake news outlets are doing the job for the Deep States, Dems, Extremists, Soros and Clinton machines to distract, divert, and deceive! Therefore to bring down the administration at the expense of this country!
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Richard Gonzo
Richard Gonzo When you have an intern call the reporter sitting next to them and finish with, 'I'd like to stay anonymous.'
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Marty Johnson
Marty Johnson Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare had to be one of the "sources"...he just could not believe that his idol could say such a thing to Trump.
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Dan Baghdoian
Dan Baghdoian Cartoon Network is a more reliable news source than CNN.
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Mike O'Conner
Mike O'Conner Remember back when the Left passed the propaganda law a while back? 

I think we're seeing the inevitable consequences of THAT.
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Rose Cammarata
Rose Cammarata CNN and their Unnamed sources should be taken to court.
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Richard Black
Richard Black Doug Brinkley will feel that sinking feeling in his stomach again once the ridiculous Russian collusion story is debunked which may be real soon.
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Lou Ascarrunz
Lou Ascarrunz CNN stopped being a legitimate news source long ago. I am skeptical of pretty much anything that comes from CNN.
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Bruce Gillett
Bruce Gillett Yeah, I won't be holding my breath for a retraction from CNN.
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Jeanie Hogue
Jeanie Hogue CNN is just a left wing propaganda operation, it is so obvious.
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George Taylor
George Taylor They need to pull CNNs press credentials for constant "fake news reporting".
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Rick Dixon
Rick Dixon CNN is just a wing of the DemoRAT party, and they prove it day in day out, 24/7
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Wade Maenle
Wade Maenle The snowflakes gonna really melt around 10 am edt thursday. Time for CNN to post another line of crap.
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Izolde Alexander
Izolde Alexander Anonymous sources or not - CNN always gets things wrong.
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Tom Roy
Tom Roy CNN getting things wrong or outright staging fake news is normal, CNN getting something right would be worthy of "Breaking News"!
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Vinture Sciarretti
Vinture Sciarretti CNN should get an award for most likely to end up as Pravda.
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Pete Luhrs
Pete Luhrs Comey is just out to write a book. The real crimes are within CIA, Lynch and Rice.
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Becky Bixler
Becky Bixler How can anyone even watch CNN? Certainly not Fair & Balanced! Such heretics!
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Ramona Wood
Ramona Wood Yeah, CNN will be apologizing as soon as Comey finishes testifying. Hahahaha. That's funny.
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Michelle Brandenburg
Michelle Brandenburg Anonymous sources. More like a group of writers sitting around a room making this stuff up.
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Kerri Ann Hennebury
Kerri Ann Hennebury Aw, poor CNN. And they had their heart set on Trumps demise.
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Pat Pondillo
Pat Pondillo Trump must go to the people directly and lay it all out !let them know truth
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Dee Noose
Dee Noose Don't hold your breath!! It takes at least 24 hours for CNN to lick 

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