Thursday, February 23

Death Obituary : EX-NFL PLAYER JAMES HARDY FOUND DEAD In Indiana River

James Hardy III, who played for the Buffalo Bills in 2008 and 2009, died at the age of 31.

How terribly sad that it was former IU and NFL player James Hardy III whose body was found in a Ft. Wayne river. So much potential. Such high hopes come to such a sad end. Condolences to his family.

Hardy's body was found in a river on Wednesday in his hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

People are paying Tribute on social media,

Linda J Evans I watched the film "concussion" with Will Smith, brillant film and very worrying for ex football players etc, very sad news 
Jacquelynn Chef Allen Wtf does him being arrested or having an altercation with a police officer years ago have to do with him being dead????
Kimone Thames Year 2017 is very busy with all these deaths smh! Condolences to his loved ones. RIP

Angie Hurst If you enjoyed watching him play cherish it if you have nothing kind to say scroll pass at least be kind in death

Kris Tina This story just broke here in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he was from and he died. Very sad. There was another body found in the river a week or two prior.

Jason Harshman He had a lot of potential and some hype coming out of college but had major off the field issues. He was arrested in 2014 on felony charges of attacking a police officer that was responding to a call over a dispute. In November of that year, he was deemed be a judge to be unfit for trial and sent to a mental institution.

Abby Love Sad, i wonder if this is another case due to concussions? Im not all that familiar with him or other players, but i know i saw the movie(Concussion ) and it freaked me out to think that you can go crazy by playing a sport....really ironic to do something you love and pay that price...i mean if this was his case, either way, rest in peace..

Michael Ntiri NFL players always never end well. They always end up with some mental illness. I mean HELLO! They wear helmets. U know its a dangerous sport. That sport needs to be banned

Samantha Ratti Concussions can do some gnarly things to the brain.

Oladayo Alabi NFL game is a death game; UK FOOTBALL game switched by RED-NECKS that are from different European nations background to sorrows of families that play NFL . 96% of these fools that already played in NFL are suffering from brain-diseases. ------- Osollo.

Sommer Esposito Whet is it abt NFL players that make them killers, criminals, wife beaters, dog fighters, etc etc. I guess thugs tend to excel in sports and rap smh

Sonja Hags As a mental illness survivor, one question I had always asked myself, my loved ones and doctors was, how do you know someday you will not just "snap". It is a very scary existence and one that takes daily fighting to climb out of. Some just can't do it and we should never judge them for it.
May you be free of all pain and finally be able to smile from your heart out. Much white light to you and yours.

Latoya Hudson Wow so sad ! I remember him being on Tiny & Toya show !!! He briefly dated toya wright #Rip
Pio L Loco Jr. I feel for him I know these players receive concussions every sunday, Monday and Thursday.. It's sad I received 2 major concussions in 2 different car accidents I often wonder if I will meet the same fate these have meet... 
Scenica Taft Williams Oh well people write off death's these day's as if they're happening everyday cause they are and don't care about each other or what families are struggling to cope with it's a sad time when parents and even grandparents are burying children/grandchildren something's gotta give to deny sport's injuries contribute to premature death is a nonsense call just saying

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