Sunday, February 19

Death Obituary : Daniel Fortlander, Beloved Indiana high school band director dies,

WALKERTON, Ind. (WNDU) - As peace and quiet are the chorus of the country, the band's one of the high notes at John Glenn High School.As a former yearbook rep, it is highly unlikely that the yearbook will be reprinted as a courtesy. Obviously, the yearbook editor 
The school's band director, Daniel Fortlander, suddenly died Saturday at just 60 years old. Not even old enough to vote, already a bigot ! This is isn't new, you were never allowed to wear graphic tees to school !! Bye ! Great job to the school! ! Look at this
Cathy Burnett, the band's second in command, said she'd known "Fort" since their marching days at John Adams High School.

"When Dan was in college and high school, I think he was one of those guys people didn't think he was going to make it. He was determined to prove he could do the job," says Burnett, the Assistant band director. I say let them show future generations how dumb they are right now. 😂 Their grandchildren will say... What? Why would you have voted for 
There was no "off" button for Fort's determination to touch lives. I think they're doing the kid a favor. How ashamed of himself is he now that the real Trump has shown us how evil and ugly he is. Although 
Between John Glenn and Urey Middle School, he was the head of several bands...and yet somehow, he squeezed in time to teach a music theory class.These kids should be thankful. Years from now, they're going to want to hide any evidence that they supported the man who 
"He was there for 32 years. Those students are now adults who have been impacted by him in so many ways," explained Richard Fansler, a teacher at John Glenn High School.singlehandedly destroyed America. Now if we can only erase Trump from the White House instead of a couple of t-shirts, we'd truly make America great 
Like Richard Fansler's stepson, Jacob Medich. He followed his brother's footsteps. Now his son, Gabriel, is doing the same.I'm sure if the shirt said "Black Lives Matter" or "Nevertheless She Persisted" those same parents would be up in arms asking for 
To have 3 Medichs be in his band has been a really...he was a really great man," says Jacob Medich.disciplinary actions and retractions of the yearbooks until they were 'fixed'. The statement of "this is for all students" is a complete lie
But for Medich, Fort was more than that...Maybe the school should have just left them so that everyone can see who they really are and what they really believe for 
"He was music to me...he showed me really what music meant. It's not just notes on a page, it's what you feel. It's the emotion of life." I dislike Trump but nope, poor decision by the school. He is the president. Can you imagine the screaming heads if someone did this to an Obama shirt during his term? Let's try to look at this objectively.

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