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Death Obituary :Daleyza Avila Hernandez, 3-Year-Old Stockton Girl Dies During Dental Procedure

James Turner Hull I've seen people defending this girl. But I can't help but think that if it was a boy doing this to a girl then nobody would be defending him. 
STOCKTON -- A family is looking for answers after a 3-year-old girl died while undergoing a dental procedure in Stockton on Monday.James Turner Hull I've seen people defending this girl. But I can't help but think that if it was a boy doing this to a girl then nobody would be defending him. she's a 
The coroner's office has identified the girl as Daleyza Avila Hernandez.horrible person and needs some sort Stephanie Jacques She'll get away with
“I don’t want this to happen to another mother like it’s happening to me,” said Araceli Avila, Daleyza's mother. it bc of her defense. It's too bad, bc this could really set the precedent for these 
Araceli Avila spoke to FOX4o in Spanish. She says a dentist at Western Dental referred her to the Children's Dental Surgery in Stockton.
on the edge and needed help. She should be in jail, I just don't have that much faith in the system unfortunately
“All I did was I took my daughter to the dentist because they were going to fix her teeth, and about 30 minutes later they brought her back dead,” Avila said.Vickie Szymanski I always say in the end YOU make the decision to take your own life and what others say or do should not get them 
Avila shared photos of her daughter before the surgery -- vivacious and full of life.
convicted for YOUR choice.
“When we left for the hospital she ran after me, got into the van, and she was very happy,” Daleyza's father Jose Hernandez said. but this chic.... she straight manipulated a weak mind and KNEW what she was doing...her msgs 
Avila says she wasn't allowed inside while the surgery took place, and while waiting for her daughter she saw an ambulance.of cases. It was disgusting and horrifying what she said to this boy who was obviously on the edge
“And I stood up and went outside because I was like 'they are coming for a kid,' but I never thought it was for my child," Avila said... but this chic.... she straight manipulated a weak mind and KNEW what she was doing...her msgs were horrible. 
Moments later a nurse took Avila aside and said something went wrong. They told her that her daughter's heart had stopped -- that maybe she had underlying heart issues.

“My daughter was very healthy,” Avila said.THIS story changed my view on things to a degree. I hope she gets time, a LONGTIME.
FOX40 spoke to David Thompson, the administrator of Children's Dental Surgery Center in Stockton, who says they only do general dental procedures -- such as filling cavities and putting on crowns.Clint Tabellion She should get 10 - 15. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if she gets probation. If she does get locked up at best it'll be
Her parents say Daleyza went in to have two teeth pulled and have caps put on two other teeth.

Thompson says the girl had a reaction to the anesthetics, was stabilized and then sent to Saint Joseph's Hospital. They don't know why she died.5 years and get out in 18 months. One thing we all know is she isn't going to get what she deserves.
"It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy honestly and our thoughts and prayers are really with the family right now," Thompson said. Dale Kocher Everyone calling for her death or a life sentence, sorry it aint gonna happen. She was delusional and also 17 years old, 
Thompson could not give specifics on the anesthesiologist and the dentist who performed the surgery, but he says all his staff are trained extensively and have years of experience. They always have a dentist, an anesthesiologist and two other staff members in the room while patients undergo surgery.
and shes being tried in a juvenile court. She will receive a short sentence or probation if found guilty, however the defense may very well hold up
"We’re committed to helping kids every single day. That’s our mission, that’s why we’re here, it’s risky not everyone wants to do it," he said.Shirley Lebovich she is a sociopath, no concern for others, and she is dangerous
Parents are not allowed in the same room during surgery because the room has to be sterile and clean.Stoeckley It is just awful, but at the same time, in the end, people are accountable for their 
"It’s considered a clean room and so parents can’t actually walk back in there with their street clothes on and things like that," Thompson said.

Nikee Jane-Tee What's going on in these first world countries?! First Britain, then the US and now China! And it's rather disturbing that they are targeting mostly kids and teenagers now! Killing the future before that even get a chance to start. A war is brewing and it will be the most disastrous, catastrophic world event yet.
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Leo Veynberg
Leo Veynberg Kindergartens in China have been targeted before in apparent revenge attacks carried out by people bearing grudges against their neighbors and society. 

China maintains tight control over firearms and most attacks are carried out using knives, axes or homemade explosives.
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Jenny Taylor
Jenny Taylor It feels like we are nearing the apocalypse.. one tragedy after another. :(
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Bin Yamin
Bin Yamin i feel them! it is a cowardly act if whoever did it! i've been there, my older brother died in a suicide bombing attack! until now, i do not understand if why do these evil kills people! for what!!!!
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Joan Morasco Parsons
Joan Morasco Parsons Dear Leftist,Good-for-Nothing,bas-- rds in "our" media:

1. You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad....See More
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Maxim Todeski
Maxim Todeski When catastrophes, plane crashes and terrorist attacks are in your life, you are looking for God. You ask: Where is God? But when you have a good life, money and healthy relatives, you don't need Him. And what do you need to start look for?
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Nkosi Dlamini
Nkosi Dlamini How about the air strike on Raqqa, the explosions America doesn't want to hear about, or are all explosions 'Collateral damage'. America has something to hide in Raqqa, and those in the know have the evidence
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Gloria Johnson
Gloria Johnson What will it take, for the Evils of this World to come to a Halt? Sympathy to all these victim's families.. OMG!
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Robert Moseley
Robert Moseley Lord have mercy. This cycle of violence has to stop. Prayers.
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James Scott
James Scott So much darkness in the world these days.... Not much seems sacred! It truly feels like these are Godless times. 
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Yan Zeyu
Yan Zeyu im a chinese,thanks for CNN reporting the news.here in China,the government has blocked this news from spreading on social platform and we can't discuss and see on Internet platforms such weibo zhihu.all the questions and topics related to this simply got deleted.
we can't get the latest information anymore from those platforms .
im very sad to see this happened.this is absolutely heart-breaking.
many chinese suspect the blast may be a terrorist attack now.cause the Ramada is coming.there are a lot of Muslims living in that area.and the outside wall of the kindergarten was painted "we should study like Jewish or something like this".
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Patricia Guerrero I hope it will give him time to think about what horrible damage an assault rifle can do to the human body and ask himself why he voted against keeping them out of the hands of the crazies. right, left, certer. The rifle doesn't care; it just kills or in his lucky case, severely wounds. and NO I am not glad he got shot.
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Edward Trader
Edward Trader just a reminder that the guy that got shot in the hip, voted to allow the mentally ill unlimited firearms AND his medical expenses are being paid for 100% with taxpayer funds...
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Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell ironic his life was saved by a lesbian, a class of person against whom he's voted many times in the past. Also, good thing he has decent (taxpayer-funded) health insurance to deal with the multiple surgeries and hospital stay.
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Norma Koonce
Norma Koonce The comments here just reinforce the narrative of hate that brought us to this point. Can we not for a few more days be thankful these people are alive?!
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Gail Margaret Wright
Gail Margaret Wright He is the father of,these two beautiful children. Even though his thinking and decision making is polar opposite of mine, I hope for a good recovery and that includes the others shot and wounded, especially those who prevented a more horrific event. I also hope for a better understanding by ALL politicians of the concerns of,those of,us who oppose easy and wide spread access to guns of any kind...by anyone especially the mentally ill. The guy who lives close to me who open carries while walking his dog and taking out the garbage scares me silly. This is not the country I want for my grandchild....nor for gentleman's children.
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Diane Collum
Diane Collum I see in a lot of posts where people are arguing about what type of a gun it was. Who cares? It was a gun! It hurt someone. I pray for Sen. Scalise's and his family and friends. I don't care which side you are on, no one deserves to be shot for their beliefs.
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Cris Salgado
Cris Salgado He's fine, what isn't fine is this distraction from the matter at hand. Ups had more deaths but their lives seem less valuable because it doesn't stick to their agendas
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Gloria Johnson
Gloria Johnson Hope for speedy recovery. God's Grace be with you, sir. Just pretend these Kids are looking at you, so No unkind words here tonight.. Ok? Thanks.
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George Drimonas
George Drimonas What's sad, is that you people think more gun control would just make guns go away!! A criminal or mentally ill person will always be able to get a gun!!!
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Margaret Harrigan McEwen
Margaret Harrigan McEwen Prayers for him and his family. No matter your politics, any other type of comment on this page is inappropriate and is just indicative of the hateful rhetoric that must come to an end.
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Landau Grandberry
Landau Grandberry Republican or democrat, no one should have to endure this. Get well Mr. Congressman. Hopefully you get to wake up and go back to work soon. 92 other people shot that day do not have that chance. You now have a personal testimony to help change LAWS!
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David S. Mintzer
David S. Mintzer CNN i blame you personally for this incident. You keep calling for Trump to be killed. Doing this should have you arrested for threatening the current POTUS. I did not vote for Obama. However, I never wanted to kill him. I did not like his polices. All socialists want a revolution that allows them to kill those they hate. Trump won. Get over it. Stop trying to have him killed.
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Tami Amaral
Tami Amaral I'm happy he gets the best helthcare for himself and his family, but now maybe he should understand why people want the same helthcare they have. But of course it will not change because as we speak the Republican Congress is going to kill more people,...See More
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Steve Ware
Steve Ware Nobody deserves to be shot however this guy people forget is one of the key people drafting the GOP health bill that will kick 23 million off health insurance and no longer cover pre existing conditions. Sorry he was shot but the guy is not being covered at 100 percent by tax payer insurance. We cannot forget that no matter the circumstances he is no better than anyone else. Period
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Chunnee Nae Covfefe
Chunnee Nae Covfefe I do pray for him. But so sad that our law makers couldn't understand this when Sandy Hook happened. All those poor parents. At least he gets to go home to his family one day. Those parents will never see their babies again. (just sayin)
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Jim Lawrence
Jim Lawrence Not that I agree with his stance on things, but I hope he is able to recover from this terrible attack. No matter how we feel about people politically we still need to maintain our decency and empathy.
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Jerry Pecks
Jerry Pecks He might be an intellectual and political imbecile, but look at those cute kids. This is a good moment to take the high road and focus on the obstructing orangutan.
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Kelvin Stubbs
Kelvin Stubbs Out of all respect I hope he gets better, but this is a reason why America needs gun control. You never know when your life can be over
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Donny Brewer
Donny Brewer The irony of someone who voted to take others' healthcare away is getting excellent healthcare paid for by the people he thought didn't deserve it. I wish him well, but I hope he realizes someone who isn't in Congress won't have such good care..
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Linda Riley Roseborough
Linda Riley Roseborough Please follow suit. I pledge to be a nicer person. I take personal responsibility for trying to heal the division, one kind word at a time.
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Orlando Lopez
Orlando Lopez after all death rethoric, severed heads n stabbing plays? dems n fake media have blood on their hands!!trump isnt perfect but hasnt call for anyones death!!
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Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Stop. No matter who's right or wrong. I have skin in this fight but killing is not the way. We do this and we're back where we started as humanity.
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Chochi Monterroso
Chochi Monterroso May he have a speedy and full recovery for his sake and that of his family. God bless all those affected by this heinous act.
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William Reilly
William Reilly Fox is a disgrace let's not forget it was a African American officer, an African American lesbian officer and a Latino male officer that saved the lives of political members of the openly racist and homophobic freedom caucus aka " the tea party" how ironic who are 
the real heros and it sure as hell wasn't a republican!
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Anne Dunn Causey
Anne Dunn Causey Many prayers . . . I've had he and his family on my mind all day. What about Crystal - the office who was shot? Has anyone heard?
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Rene Moehlenbrock
Rene Moehlenbrock Lucky to have health care. Many of us would simply be treated minimally and not survive. 
Makes one wonder how one life is so much more deserving of health care than another. 
I do hope he pulls through.
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Joyce Longo
Joyce Longo Prayers to him and his family. I'm praying that both the left and the right can somehow stop the nasty rhetoric! Social media I believe has become an enemy. People find groups who agree with them and continually spew their hatred whether it be the left or the right! Remember we are all human beings and we can disagree, but we don't need to hate. I am a conservative but I have many left wing friends and we all agree to disagree but we don't have to hate each other!! Just a thought that I'm putting out there!
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Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy Yep lets all grovel because he has two kids when innocent kids are dying everyday due in large part to his voting record. I just can't bring myself to do that. Kids sitting in their homes coloring or watching tv are getting shot through walls and win...See More
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Dana Robinson
Dana Robinson Today they were going to deregulate silencers. Could you imagine what could have happened if the guy had a silencer on his gun? How many more would be hurt or dead? Really republicans? How far are you going to go with deregulating gunlaws?
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JD Ramos
JD Ramos I'm glad he is recovering.This is a sober reminder that death has no respect for any political affiliation. Gun reform is needed. Its up to these lawmakers to start healing this country from within. FYI I am a democrat. I hope he recovers and be healthy with his family.
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Michelle Bequette
Michelle Bequette I sure don't agree with many of his viewpoints, but I sincerely wish only the best care, the best outcomes, the best resumed health for him for everyone's sake-especially for his children.
No political issue, no politician, no debate, vote on anything in our local/national political conversations is grounds for violence.
Violence is never okay, justified, the answer, used as a tool, negotiated with, or used and abused as propaganda or brainwashing. Never.  
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Leon Wozniak
Leon Wozniak Oh so now he's a great family man. What about the poor and middle class families. Is he and the rest of the republidopes going to take everything away from them and give it to the rich? Learn to run faster then.
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Tonya Crews
Tonya Crews Bet hes grateful hes got health insurance, cuz it will not be long and 23 million Americans will not ! 
No sympathy from me not one tiny bite .
He also voted for MENTALLY ill to buy guns , he can thank Trump for how DIVIDED this county is the Republicans have been totally complicit, either that or thats the true colors of Republican party .
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Sylvia Sine Whittaker
Sylvia Sine Whittaker WHEN CNN starts telling the truth and Shuts down its War Room on Trump, brainwashing its viewers, all the comments will change, I can dream..
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Daniel Ong
Daniel Ong @ Congressman Steve Scalise: Get well soon! My/our prayers are for you. Let's not be partisan. There is NO place for violence!
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Sam Bush
Sam Bush If a person is a truly horrible selfish human being who managed to obtain power over millions, and they have a longstanding reputation as a racist,homophobe,liar,and treats the poor with flippant cruelty all for personal financial gain;say like Hitler,Mussolini,Pol Pot,Stalin,etc? is it okay to pray that they die so that others can live?
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Marie Weaver
Marie Weaver Everyone running around with their hair on fire screaming more gun control.... better screening and mental health evaluations just don't understand. It's not what's in a shooters HAND, it's what's in a shooters HEAD & yes I know people will say they're mentally ill like they say this guy was, & no one knows that, but again, they can't understand everyone that does this isn't mentally ill. There's people that are just plain evil & that doesn't show up on a test.
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Carl Block Jr.
Carl Block Jr. It is a shame this took place, so is propagandize literacy. bias, slanted, special interest, might as well call that rag Charlie Hebdo. Every president or politition impliments a gun control act. Just like the first one overuled by the supreme county. Waste of time and money. Heller adresses this issue except it left out certain issues. Gun law of 1837 was found unconstitutional affirming 2nd Amendment "guarantee" cite: Nunn v. State, 1 Ga. (1 Kel.) 243 (1846) latter identified as "the right to posess and carry weapons in case of confrontation" in Heller. Besides the 2nd Amendment only limited the federal government form prohibiting gun ownership, not the states. see Presser v. illinoise 1886.
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Russell Weber
Russell Weber So glad that your recovering and that your family has you on Father's Day Stay Strong, get Well soon, from a democrat that deplores these violent acts
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Tmra Young
Tmra Young He is so fortunate to be covered by publicly funded healthcare.
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Kathi Vargo
Kathi Vargo How sad...it didn't seem as bad at first...but I thought I heard there were other victims...aren't they important enough for medical updates
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Steve Lowry
Steve Lowry I think that shooting was staged to try to get the people to feel sorry for them and its not working hoping he don't make it
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Robin Kida
Robin Kida Glad to hear he's doing better.. no one deserves to be shot down.. our government should care about all gunshot victims.. the NRA doesn't
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Jake Andrews
Jake Andrews Get well soon sir the nation is behind you and praying for you
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Leti Avila-Withrow
Leti Avila-Withrow Oh the irony - are you trump supporters sure this is real? I mean isn't everything on CNN fake news? So which is it? You only believe what you want is what I am gathering from these comments.
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Tina Pulliam
Tina Pulliam Maybe David Duke can stand in for him until he's better. After all, they're so similar (as Scalise once said).
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Nome Do Meio
Nome Do Meio the chiken has come home to rooost , so Sad ! the rest of the world wont cry for americans , this is the death you spread aroud the world, try to learn from this, not just petty fog the issue , otjerwise it will happen again . the king orange will doom you into kaos
Uzzo Dominic
Uzzo Dominic since time began, i'm only concerned about winning the big lottery jackpot(s) for myself so i will finally bring this world together, i will bring the universe together, and i will bring eternity together. yes, once i win the big lottery jackpot(s) for myself everyone around the solar system will finally live in safety, comfort, peace, and harmony. I'm all about universal and eternal - love, spirituality, and diplomacy. why does the devil only create life-losers(who need mental help), who are going to rot in hell? whereas my life and soul(created by the true and only holy spirits and true and only creators of the universe) are comparable to jesus(from over 2000 years ago), george washington, abe lincoln, john f. kennedy, and ronald reagan. what can i say --- i love beautiful, smart, educated, diplomatic, spiritual, holy women(for now, and for the true & only eternity). by the way donald trump(who is also a devil-worshiper), how many puss*es have you grabbed and assaulted today? this week? folks - go take your meds, seek mental and physical help, layoff the drugs, get out of your mom's basement, and stop worshiping the Devil

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