Tuesday, February 21

Death Obituary : Christopher A. Vanattenhoven of Garrett ,Indiana driver dies in concrete accident

You want to talk about hate, let's talk about the last eight years. Lets talk about the alt-right-wing militia, effigies of Obama being hung, the bigoted 
ALBION, Ind. —
Authorities say a northeastern Indiana man has died after a chunk of concrete fell off a trailer and crashed through the windshield of his SUV.birther movement, your radio personalities Alex Jones, Mark Liven, pill popping Rush Limbah, your fake news hosts, Hannity and O'Reilly, including 
Noble County sheriff’s deputies say 24-year-old Christopher A. Vanattenhoven of Garrett died at the scene of the crash about noon Saturday along a rural road about 25 miles northwest of Fort Wayne.the sexual predator "yours truly". We are not that angry, we are not the aggressors, we are the just, we are the voice of the 
Deputies say a vehicle towing a trailer was passing Vanattenhoven’s SUV when the chunk of concrete fell off the trailer. The SUV veered off the roadway, struck a tree and came to rest in a field.voice of reason, we use facts and not alternative ones. (You are like the character that Dave Chapelle played on Comedy Central,
A woman riding in the front passenger seat of the SUV crash suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment. A juvenile in the back seat of the Acadia wasn’t hurt.
Who cares cnn. Comey himself said in his testimony. The president has the power to fire him. End of story. Even if trump said "I order 
Trump says that Comey had better hope there wasn't a tape. CNN twists that into Trump claiming that he had a tape. And the FAKE NEWS of the
Month Award goes to............THE CLINTON NEWS NETWORK!
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Mark Young
Mark Young There won't be any tapes making any appearance... ever!

If any tapes exists, we can trust (or, mistrust) Trump to destroy or conceal them... Trump will not comply with any subpoena AND will be comfortable to lie about its existence !

But I agree that the "tapes" referred to in Trump's tweet is just bluster... an attempt to scare Comey into silence, something that has backfired !

Trump does not realize that he is now playing with the big boys and, unlike the Republicans, they don't scare easily !
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Cristina Samanis
Cristina Samanis Who cares CNN? Your staff who are all democrats will do anything to deter the current administration from getting their job done. Why weren't the Clintons investigated for all the illegal things that they were involved in? CNN Politics, find other news to report because you have become nothing but a gossip station. Give people some real news. People all over the world laugh when they hear about CNN because you are considered the most bias, ridiculous news station that is hardly taken seriously.
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Debra Carter
Debra Carter Don't y'all get it? The point is not whether there are tapes or not. Comey admitted his concerns, panicked. It had exactly the effect it was supposed to- Comey could not tell outright lies then. President Trump will beat the swamp at their own game. He is used to actually working and is not scared. Not beholding to anyone. That's why Washington wants him out because they don't control him.
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Doug Frakes
Doug Frakes Of course it's BS. And even if it wasn't, all it would do is futher incriminate 45. He knows he's going down, and he's getting desperate...
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Cyndy Letsinger La Puma
Cyndy Letsinger La Puma Be careful what u wish for 

The real story today...See More
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Carmen Segura
Carmen Segura All this HULABALOO is precisely his strategy to maintain everybody talking about him; whereas, creating continuous smog curtains to divest attention an buying time, while congress works on their wish list.
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David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez I believe there were tapes and trump destroyed them. Just a hunch. We need to film him all day, everyday even while he sits on his golden throne. After all that's when he tweets.
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Dawn Larson
Dawn Larson Comey stayed behind at the end of another meeting .. if anyone from that meeting left their smart phone behind and on record, there would be no need for some archaic "taping system" and we'll all know soon enough.
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Julie Gribbin

Julie Gribbin For once, could we please ignore Trump? Let the committees go after him behind the scenes. Quit giving this man airtime for his games. How about covering dismantling Dodd-Frank or creating the new Trumpcare behind closed doors? Those issues matter.

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