Tuesday, June 20

Savannah Pastor Corey Megill Brown, sentenced for using tithes to buy designers watches and bags

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- A south Georgia pastor will spend more than two years in prison after prosecutors said he stole donations from his own church and pocketed them for six years.
According to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Georgia, Corey Megill Brown, 47, pleaded guilty late last year to mail fraud after evidence showed he had been intercepting offerings meant for Second African Baptist Church from 2008 to 2014.
Brown, they said, deposited the stolen money into a "shadow account" under the name Romans 12 Ministries and would use it to withdraw cash and write himself checks that he deposited into his own personal account. Brown would also use the shadow account to make purchases at leather goods stores and lingerie shops.
"Brown's parishioners thought they were offering their hard-earned savings so their church could do good works," said acting U.S. Attorney James Durham. "Little did they know Brown's idea of good work was to line his own pockets."
In additional to a federal prison sentence of 28 months, Brown will also have to pay Second African Baptist Church $178,140 in restitution. After serving his sentence, he will be placed under federal supervised release for three years.

Bishop Franklin L. Fountain, busted for selling church to himself for $1

The longtime pastor of an inner-city Connecticut church was busted for allegedly selling the $1.5 million house of worship to himself — for $1.
Bishop Franklin L. Fountain, head of the Fountain of Youth Cathedral in Bridgeport, was charged with first-degree larceny and second-degree forgery after he altered a deed and then sold the property to himself without the board of directors’ OK, the Connecticut Post reported.
Cops said they got a complaint from the board, Fountain’s younger brother James Fountain and his uncle Donald Fountain about the theft and charged Bishop Fountain after an investigation. Read More ;http://nypost.com/2017/06/15/pastor-busted-for-selling-church-to-himself-for-1/

Choice That Breaks The Curse by T.D Jakes

You have to make a choice that is going to change the trajectory of your life! Determine the people, things, and habits that you must break away from to begin to move to the place that God has for you. He who the Son sets free is FREE indeed (John 8:36). 

You can use your broken past to pull you down or propel you up; Choose to break the curse! You are blessed! You have the blessing of Abraham on your life (Galatians 3:14) - get your inheritance! Choose abundant life and generational blessings! Jesus has you covered in EVERY area that you feel uncovered (1 John 3:20; Psalm 33:4-5). 

Trust His plan for your life (1 Corinthians 1:25). Decide now to say yes to His will, and yes to His way (Psalm 37:23)! Set aside time to be intimate with Him. Be still and hear His voice so that you can make a wise and discerning decision for your future (Matthew 7:7 ; Philippians 4:6-7 ; James 1:5).

breaking generational curses scriptures , prayer to break generational curses Paul Pogba Those that will hear what my everlasting Father has done,their two ears will TINGLE!!!!! Glory to God !!!! I rem you bishop teaching us about the story of Samuel!! Being called even at the third time!!! prayer for removing generational curses ,how to break a spell someone put on you 

generational curses catholic teaching 

Alina Kolesnikow Amen,our Amazing God is our Treasure we value the most so we cling to Jesus and never let Him go.One of my pastors had vision when preaching.He sow treasure chest and Jesus giving everybody something from that chest.Pastor did not know what it was and asked as what He could give each of us.I think Jesus gave me a new Bible because He knows I like to read myself and read to others.how to remove curses from yourself how to remove a curse on someone how to remove witchcraft from yourself , how to break a curse in jesus name 

Sharla Jared Eeeekkkk, awesome Lord, I'm so excited and waiting on you and your perfect plans for me and this life I am to LIVE, SO BE IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS HALLELUJAH AMEN!!!! how to pray for children to break generational curses , how to remove voodoo off a person 

Jackie Bell Yes Lord Jesus I receive now cover in the blood of Jesus name Amen Amen I stand strong thank Jesus name these beauitful flower was on my wedding and the wedding cake in the vision the man of god bless with came to the door and ask me to marry him he put two gold diamond wedding rings on my finger they was so beautiful. And God put me on a gold. Diamond wedding dress with these flowers. how to break a spell of black magic , how to get rid of black magic spells 

Latanya Williams Jenkins It's crazy how you worship beyonce and her mother but to afraid to tell them when there out of line. To chicken to tell them when there wrong do anything for money and a celebrity status. what is a curse according to the bible , how to remove a curse from someone else 

Loyce Driskell TD Jakes please give me a biblical reference where Jesus was "on the run" for two years after His birth which you cited in your message "Unto Us". I cannot find where Mary and Joseph were on the run the first 2 years after His birth which you stated "many of us may not know" please cite a biblical reference to substantiate! how to remove a curse from your family , ancestral curses breaking ancestral curses 

Roxane Luster i have to tell ya that when my sons were younger i used to tell them them that santa wasnt coming to our house i told them that jesus was and they loved that even to this day my midle son tells me that was so cool that jesus came and brought all those ...how to break generational curses prayers , how to break a spell cast on someone 
Terry McCollum Amen. Family is more than just a bloodline "thicker than water". People are strategically placed in your life; handpicked by God Himself to be a part of your identity. Family should be an impenetrable network of help, unity, and love. breaking generational curses prayer points 
, prayer for release from ancestral curses 

Selwyn Amataiti The love of your family never cover you from the storm,only the law of God will cover you from the storm and climate! so you stick together with your mountains, that will never cover you with water of the sea! breaking personal curses and spells , greatbiblestudy com generational curses 

Runell Hodges The day he told a group of people that living together without marriage was alright with God, was the day I stopped listening to anything he had to say! Shaking up is still a sin in God's eyes!

Rob Appling I'm watching Happening Now, How do you people get away with continuously telling lies about Trump. If you have someone that hates Trump, he should control himself and be told to straighten up or get off the air. You don't need liars speaking for your station. It's not someone's opinion, that's different. These are just outright lies.  deliverance from generational curses , prayers for breaking witchcraft 

Johanna Gerke AMEN. My Momma, God Bless her taught me to hold my head up high because you will always be able to focus on Jesus And No one can take advantage of you because you will always see what's coming at you. strong prayers for breaking generational curses , 
prayer of deliverance from generational curses 

Daniel Hill Let he is without sin cast the first dollar bill, and he shall deposit it...what a charlatan...he would send his mother C.O.D. To make a buck, breaking generational curses prayer , 
prayer for breaking generational curses 

 The man is not greedy. God just Blesses him. You have not because you ask not. Do you tithe? I listen to T.D.Jakes because the Teachings of My Jesus comes thru him. I am not being deceived. John Mays are you in a Jesus believing church? Do you read the Bible ? Do you speak in tongues of fire? Do you use the gifts Abba Father in Jesus Mighty name gave you ? B4 you speak ill of another person in the Kingdom make sure you are doing your part ? Otherwise, " GET BEHIND ME SATAN I COMMAND YOU IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME! deliverance prayers from curses , 
prayers for curses to be removed 

Religion in its aggregate effect in society is mental illness. There's a word for people who make money off of lies; con artists.

Maria Rojas Td jakes, benny himm, creflor dallor, joyce meyer, oistein, kennth coplen, and all you thief and lier, u thank because u have stolen from your church to have all u got, while they dont even have a turkey in top of their table, u guys all of u work for the devil , fake and corrupted """"christians" ""u do not served MY LORD JESUSCHRIST, dont worry ur ""party" "is almost over 
JESUSCHRIST will judge all of u fairly. wicked , how to reverse a curse on someone else ,
how to know if someone put a curse on you 

Jameson Hohbein Our own president probably doesn't celebrate thanksgiving
Nancy Simpson Moody Please tell me what I just heard is not true. TD Jakes is voting for Hillary? That is the most ungodly thing a supposed Christian can do, more or less a minister of the gospel.If that is the case I will never listen to him again as I judge everything as what Jesus would do and he would not vote for Satan witchcraft spells to get rid of someone , 
how to break the spell of black magic 

Terry Gayman Christians have to completely turn from their bible beliefs to show love to the planet. You have all been tricked ! Also you need to give up everything to be saved. Christianity is the false angel of light. Stop supporting heretics.
Lloyd Norris You gonna get what is coming to you. My suggestion is that you repent and change from your scamming ways at once also sell your possession and give the proceeds to the poor whom you have stolen from. Yes, go ahead and start selling , just like Jesus say you should do. Yes, I know you not going to do it. how to remove a spell or curse from yourself , 
bible verses about generational curses 

Lori Green Too many Preachers in the USA,to me,are fake.Nothing but worldly salesmen....trying to sell themselves.He is one of them.They're deceived themselves.

Sliman Jake If you grew up on the game Myst or Riven... then you will love the newest movie that is coming out myst the journey, tells the story of how the book was found and we'll be coming out at the beginning of next year... to see the trailers go to sliman's ...See More

Dan Franco More Americans die from diseases, poverty, and guns than terrorism, yet we spend trillions of dollars for the war on terror. That money should be spent on taxpayers and US citizens. how to reverse a curse someone put on you , 
what does the bible say about curses and spells 

Take a stand these holidays. Don’t buy anything produced by corporations that support pro-war candidates. At the very least, limit your spending. You would also be contributing to less pollution.

Mark Hersch How many Christians can Fox News cover in one day? Is this the Christian Broadcasting Network? Does the God of Christians have to be in every story? Isn't there an observant Jewish woman whose story about her faith in God would warrant coverage on Fox News? Or a Hindu? A Buddhist? Maybe even a positive story of a Muslim woman? Why does it always have to be a Christian?
how to protect yourself from curses , 
how to break a generational curse of poverty 
I'm sorry, but I took this seriously and I don't think he was playing at all. He seems to know that GOD is real and the impact that he's had on and in his life. Awesome stuff!!

Elizabeth Winnie Robinson Vernell that won't be an excuse on Judgement Day of why you didn't attend church. You have to work out your own soul salvation. You don't go to church for people you go to serve God, so if you think every church is a fraud then that's a trick of the enemy to keep you from going.

Brittany Elise Coleman You dont have to go to church to serve God.Youre suppose to serve God every single minute of the day. Not just at a designated place and time. I dont believe our Loving God will send us to hell for not going to church. That is not in the bible??

Adrienne Woods Willis It was very powerful! Those that are hating tell me what YOU are doing for kingdom building? I bet you never feel anything but turning up anyway. Shut up please!!!
Casandra Grisby I can tell people don't read the BIBLE. You better start reading the Holy Ghost gives you power you don't have to be a minister to pray and give an blessing. It's sad to see all the negative comments because both people have money. Stop worrying and focusing on the negative and give your life to God and you can also live blessed. 

how to remove witchcraft spells casted against me 
how to get rid of a curse put on you ,

Lala Mac You know it amazes me how ppl like T.D Jakes, Crefflo, Joel Osteen and so forth havw these mega churches...own million dollar houses, drive 100k cars, have private jets but Jesus preached the word with nothing!!! He had no home, no food, just the cloth...See More

Tony L Bullock Really people ? These "staged" events are getting crazier all the time... Now we playing with GOD, okay..... Want to impress me, take that million dollars and give it to people who really need it, those struggling everyday trying to make a way out of n...See More how to remove a generational curse 

Shannon Lomax-Brister Wow, Is all that I can say, but not at the video....at the comments on here. Which one among these comments have stepped into the place of the true and living God to know what is real and what is fake? The bible says judge not lest ye be judged. Whatev...See More

Leslie Watkins Judging from some of these comments I guess only certain ppl are allowed to be used by God. If u believe that lie I encourage u to STUDY your bible. And if u don't believe in the word of God then really why even bother giving a response? Smh

Reithie Burgess Tyler Perry just don't know it but he calls himself giving a speech or saying a few words but he actually ministers. He has calling and I am so glad he is being obedient. Also, I love it when people are in prayer and they pray for the pastor. How oft...See More
Ilonda Pinckney Some if u cant feel thr anointing cause u dnt knw what they anointing is!...BECAREFUL!...THE BIBLE SAYS TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHET NO HARM!...yall haters betta watch ya self!..in order to feel the anointing u first need to knw what it is then u will understand it..IGNORANT!!!

It's sad that no matter what you do or how you do it, someone will always have something to say about it. I used to worry about how others would judge me based upon my past behavior or because of a certain situation, but I had to realize that I serve GOD and GOD alone. We ALL sin and have issues and do things that are not pleasing to GOD. I can't point at your issues without first addressing my own. Take the two celebrities out of the equation here....and watch two men of GOD doing what GOD has called them to do. You don't know where your path will take you in life, but I pray it's not littered with people who would rather trip you up than build you up. I thank GOD for using people like Tyler Perry and Bishop Jakes to reach those who were once considered unreachable. I serve an AWESOME GOD!!!

Elizabeth Winnie Robinson First of all, if you all are judging based on appearance then be careful that you don't blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Who are we to judge what took place? We focus on the wrong things instead of focusing on our own soul salvation. Jesus is soon to come an...See More

Trevor Smith Too all of you negative fools who think he was playing with the Lord, you have nothing better to do with your time!! I am not religious, but spiritual and when I saw this video I got cold chills all over my body! It was totally real! Powerful indeed!

Lori A. Smith I posted this in another forum: "If you watched the entire service, Tyler had already given the $1M in the Manpower service...Bishop brought him up to testify about it b/c the giving of the million was confirmed through the lady taking up the offering ...See 
Larry Tidwell For you to make this reason not to go to church is because you didn't want to go in the first place. There is more than one church to go to. Find one you like and join. Don't blame someone hallaing in church stop you for seven yrs. (Yeah I said hallaing) lol.

Fontella Robinson So would the naysayers call it a mess if it was one of them? Tyler is a very spiritual person, not perfect, but spiritual. How many holier- than- thou folks can really afford to throw stones or daggers? The bible has examples of God using people who many thought were not worthy. Now look at your life. How many people would call you unworthy and unfit to be used of God?

Al Punter Jr. if u have a problem with this, it means that u maybe church minded and not kingdom minded...when u are kingdom minded u know when God moves he can use anybody, there are no limits...Church minded folks put God in a box...just saying

Monday, June 5

Angels appears in Church during a LIVE Service

Angels appears in Church during a LIVE Service

Saturday, June 3

Obituary : Metropolitan Iakovos, the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church of Chicago dies at age 89

Metropolitan Iakovos, the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in six Midwestern states and the first Metropolitan of Chicago, died Friday after an unexpected illness and surgery. 
The 89-year-old strengthened the ministries of the Greek Orthodox Church during his 38-year tenure with social justice initiatives, such as establishing the first organized ministry in the Greek Orthodox world for those living with HIV or AIDS. He was still active in his ministry at the time of his death at Weiss Memorial Hospital, the church said in a statement.

Born in 1928, in Athens, Greece, Metropolitan Iakovos moved to Boston as a young clergyman and earned his doctorate from Boston University and later taught at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, according to the statement.
He was elected a bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in 1969. He served as an auxiliary bishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America, overseeing parishes in Detroit and New England, the church said. He also served as president of the Hellenic College Holy Cross School of Theology in Brookline, Mass.

Friday, June 2

Prophet Arrested Over N8m Deliverance Fee Scam.

Police Arrest Dubious Prophet After Collecting N8m Deliverance Fee & Causing Children's Death: Policemen in Lagos state have arrested the General Overseer and founder of a church, Set Captive Free Ministry, Prophet Samuel for allegedly obtaining N8m from his church member, Uche Nwoke under the false pretense of delivering him from family curses.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that Ndukwu prophesied to Nwoke that there was a family curse that was hindering the progress of his family members and there was need for the family to carry out deliverance to upturn the hindrance.

He assured him that after the spiritual deliverance, all the things the family members lost in the past because of the curses will be regained and directed him to bring the money for the deliverance work.

It was gathered that Nwoke sold all he had and gave the money to Ndukwu who performed some purported spiritual deliverance rather situation turned worse leading to the death of Nwoke’s children.

Full Story