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DEATH OBITUARY : Sophia Grace Brown , Baby dies after Milford father with .31 BAC falls asleep

He told police the 6-month-old infant fell asleep on a mattress on the floor, but officials discovered he'd fallen asleep with her in his arms -- with a BAC of .31

Milford police were called to the home on Hazy View Lane in Milford Township around 10 p.m. on February 2.

Brown, who police say appeared highly intoxicated, told officers his 6-month-old daughter Sophia Grace Brown was cold to the touch and not responding.

Paramedics attempted to rescue the child but were unsuccessful, and she was pronounced dead at Huron Valley Hospital.

The Oakland County Medical Examiner's Office determined the cause of death was position/compression asphyxia.


Corriane Bigger Ugh so sad. My heart hurts for the mother and father. He made a really, really bad decision and will have to live with that for the rest of his life.

Nikkole Nathan My daughters father came to pick her up smelled alchol said no way get going your not taking her. Why does anyone trust a child around people who drink, there are so many risks involved

Carolyn S. Rigley-Zdunczyk Mother needs to be charged with negligent decision making for leaving her child with a known alcoholic. 
Rest in peace little one. You're in safe hands now.

Jill Richards Haddock Why do people continue to feel sorry for these assh*les?!? Yeah, it was a bad decision yet people continue to do it, even when they're sober too!!😡

Rhonda Green He was holding his daughter. I'm sure he loves her, he was holding her.....not "knowingly" neglecting her. 
People who have a drinking problem think they are functioning normal. I feel really bad for everyone involved. Imagine unintentionally being responsible for what's he's done. This is just sad. I wish people could stop judging so quickly and understand there's a lot of hurt.

Brandy Camire That's why kids this age should be sleeping in a crib where they're supposed to be. I knew someone who's baby died the same way. It's sad, but preventable.

Dena Moreland Mom drops kid off at Drunk dads house or at least she KNEW he had drinking problems. She's too blame too. Never leave your child in an unsafe environment

Jessyca Leporowski So sad all around. 
Such a horrible story all around. My heart goes out to both of the parents. Yeah dad made a bad mistake but I'm sure to say the least that he'll regret that the rest of his life. I'm so sorry for this family.

Bonnie Winberg Prestin You have to be careful and mindful of your kids at all times. It's your job. It's the biggest, hardest, most rewarding job there is. You really have to do your absolute very best at it.

Al Smith I had a correction office that had a son ran over bye a drunk driver it was bad and he got put in my unit and she still did her job.moral of the story is never drink and drive

Racquel Saucillo I would've called off work instead dropping my baby off to the father if he looked drunk or smelled of alcohol no way am I risking my child I can always find another job

Shawn Kosinski Too many little one's are dying these days. They should be protected above all else. How do people keep doing these horrible things?

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Mary Haroney Didn't read it but if the baby was in his arms who cares if he was drunk.... unless the baby fell out of his arms and hit its head on the floor??? Poor baby

Sean Carr When watching kids there is no alcohol consumption...none nada zip they should charge him like they do drunk drivers that kill

William Wolverton Prayers for the family and for the father. He as to live with this horrible situation.

Shannon Davis Will Burkeen remember me telling you about the girl that worked at Main Street that's the boyfriend I'm pretty sure

Kelly Ann Smith How deeply sorrowful! It's a miracle he's alive, most people don't survive a .31 BAC

Becky Geilow Poole Sad these poor little babies have no defense against bad decisions

Melanie Mills My children slept next to me as babies and they're all still alive...how can you roll over a baby and not know it...I don't care how drunk you are... 😐

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