Friday, January 6

DEATH OBITUARY : Morris McCreery, Muncie Post 19 Chiefs baseball coach dies

MUNCIE, Ind. — His life always revolved around baseball, and if you knew Morris McCreery, the game was probably why.

The 1962 Central graduate who recently restarted the Muncie Post 19 Chiefs baseball team died this week at age 72 after battling esophageal cancer the last several years. Calling hours are 4-8 p.m. Friday at Parsons Mortuary and the funeral is 10 a.m. Saturday at the same place.

“He taught me the game,” said Dennis Conwell, McCreery’s assistant coach and son-in-law. “Everyone thinks they know the game that played the game, but they really don’t. He knew the game.”

Conwell married McCreery’s daughter Misty and the two have coached several different teams together over the years. They teamed up to lead the Magic City Orioles travel baseball teams and also coached legion ball in Richmond.
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Patrick Macias Johnson
Patrick Macias Johnson It's racist to say ni@@er, why isn't it not racist to say"the N word"? You're basically saying the same thing. Even if you aren't actually saying it, your still implying it, which is basically saying it.
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Adéwalé Joséphe
Adéwalé Joséphe The teacher then proceeded to give an explaination as to how 1 is racist and the other 1 means homie. Yep its all sounding repetitive. Whats up my N*66@.
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Victor Switboi
Victor Switboi How is it racist when a white man calls his fellow man a slave, but brotherhood when a blackman calls his fellow man a slave? Brotherhood of what? Slavery?? 
Please help me understand how it is black man's natural entitlement to call another free born a slave? N*66@ is n*66@! It doesn't matter the skin color of the mouth that vomits the disgusting word, it is offensive to call a human being a slave. #Period
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Edward Stechschulte
Edward Stechschulte At my kids middle school, the African American kids who came out from the city over the last few years fight a lot more, and are more involved in many problems of that nature. Can we talk about that too? Or am I a bad person now? I broke up one of the fights at my daughters basketball game. Punches can hurt as bad as words, whether you believe that or not.....
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Rayevinn Martin
Rayevinn Martin Unless the teacher was using the word against him or black people in general, and not because it was in the text of a book or something, I don't see what was wrong with it. I just wish they explained exactly the way the teacher used the word. Other than that, if the teacher was using it in an offensive way, that's not cool.
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Tanner Rose
Tanner Rose If this was in historical lesson context, then this is kind of ridiculous. My teachers used it in historical contexts, such as if we were reading a piece of literature that used it, and occasionally it was in textbooks.
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Francis Okorie
Francis Okorie Anybody that uses that N word should be charged as a racist including the african americans.
In my opinion the N word should be banned entirely since it is causing so much trouble.
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Jennifer Thibodeaux Bourque
Jennifer Thibodeaux Bourque This young man is wise beyond his years. We need more like him. It's time that racial, gender and orientation slurs get called out and tossed into the trash bin where they belong. Fyi, only whites can be racist as it is a form of oppression at all leve...See More
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Kc van Deventer
Kc van Deventer Ignore history all you want. It doesn't change what happened. The thing about history that these children don't seem to get is that if you forget, or ignore, history, you are doomed to repeat history. But I guess these children don't seem to care about that, because words hurt the powderpuffs of modern society.
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Matthew Wilkinson
Matthew Wilkinson The teacher is absolutely right in the case, and I think the kid is going to be pretty embarrassed about this incident when he matures a bit more.
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Ryland Walter Schella
Ryland Walter Schella maybe they should instead teach proper american history in high school and they would understand why America is such as racist Eurocentric country today.
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Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez Sad to say but America is falling apart in every way possible.
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Jim Fox
Jim Fox Kleenex bill will double now. Plus the crayon eating contest will be interrupted or even cancelled for a day. Oh wait, no.......that won't happen.
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Jeffrey Timmons
Jeffrey Timmons Here's a lesson. YOU DO NOT GET TO DECIDE WHAT IS AND ISN'T APPROPRIATE. You're in school, you're young, you know nothing, and you do not get to decide what words people can and cannot say.
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David Greatorex
David Greatorex But every rap singer uses that word 100 times each song. And what about the movie "Get on the bus". It is used repeatedly on that movie. Nobody has a problem with that.
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John Johnson
John Johnson Assembly on race, N-Word exchange, sounds like Class being Taught! Get over it if you can't handle History, you listen to the N-Word on Cassette and CD every day in your car on 24's, so Wut Da Wurd?
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Bradley Ryan
Bradley Ryan No white person should ever tell a person of color how to feel about a racial slur.
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Jason Counter
Jason Counter People use other slurs as freely as possible (like the R word), so why not the N word as well? I mean, you can't logically claim to be against the use of one slur while freely using another... it makes you a hypocrite. Unless you're going to speak agai...See More
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Billy Long
Billy Long This is crazy. That word does not belong in any conversation under any circumstances. I'm sick of hearing people use it as a greeting or to show that one is a close friend. It's ridiculous.
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Patrick Steedly
Patrick Steedly If black ppl are so truly offended by it. Them do something about it other than trying ti race bait all white ppl. How about march for that, tear up Chicago or your other inner cities for that. Boycott your rap music that uses it every other word. But i guess taking any reasonable action doesnt fit the agenda, right?
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Joshua Rivers
Joshua Rivers What in the h*ll is going on in our kid's schools now in days? Jesus get it together people, our kids are there to learn not to hear your racism towards another race, keep that at home.

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