Wednesday, January 4

DEATH OBITUARY : Mario Maglieri, ‘King of the Sunset Strip,’ Dies

Mario Maglieri, who owned three famous clubs on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip, the Rainbow Bar & Grill, the Roxy Theatre and the Whisky a Go Go, has died. He was 93. The Whisky posted the news on its Facebook page, with a picture of the club’s marquee announcing his death and writing, “It’s a sad day for Rock n’ Roll…

Rest in peace Mario Maglieri! You will always be the King of the Sunset Strip!!!” According to a news release we received, Maglieri was born Feb. 7, 1924 in Seppino, Italy and moved to the U.S. when he was four. He was running restaurants and clubs in Chicago but eventually moved to Los Angeles. LA Weekly says that, by 1966, he was managing the Whisky, which was co-owned by Elmer Valentine.


Mario Maglieri owner of The RAINBOW BAR AND GRILL The Whisky A Go-Go and The Roxy died Thursday in Los Angeles at age 94. Not a bad age!! The Doors, Guns N' Roses, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Mötley Crüe, and tons more. The stories! Thank you Mr. Maglieri for the great times at the bow!

Misery. Mario Maglieri creator of the Rainbow Bar and Grill has passed. I AM HEARTBROKEN. Healthcare is a nightmare Such greed they will say the Russians made them do it.

Such tragic news, thank you Mario for making sunset strip an amazing home for us, and always making us feel welcome!!! RIP Mario Maglieri my heart goes out to family and close friends of this Legend

David Chapman The greatest bar I have ever been to. Any rockstar you wanted to talk to was always there and always cool, well they were to me. RIP Mario. Thank you for keeping it all alive.

Leslie Rhoden Oh my goodness...That is so darn sad..Always loved chatting with him...Went to his home for a party one time and his wife was a doll...RIP Mario....💖

Jeri Barton Oh no!! My Mom worked for Mario at the Whisky a Go Go in 1967 and then I worked for Mario at the Roxy in 1977...he was always there at the Rainbow when we would stop by and visit him....please, please post any information about his memorial..RIP Mario - we loved you!

Ellen Dawson Heartbroken. SO many Mario stories and memories, so many pizza's in that iconic kitchen... What will happen to our playground? So very very sad... 

Damon D'Amato Great guy. We used to be in there every weekend back in the 80's. He once overheard us talking about it being my friend's birthday, and sent champagne!

Lisa Ellis Mario was the best! I know people he took in to his home to help them. I remember taking tapes from the studio up there to listen to while we ate pizza with AL Kooper and many others!

TJ DeGuire This makes me sad, he was such a kind man! When I would get tired of all the noise or smoke in the club I would hang outside with him by the kitchen and often times he'd have his cooks broil me some lobster tails and sit with me at that booth in the kitchen. Always a gentleman and very protective! He was a a good man and a crack up as well. Rest In Peace Mario 🙏💜

Susie Modiano When I was a teenager he helped me decide if I should go see Adam and the ants or go on a cruise with my parents, guess which one won! He was so sweet to us kids.

Dolf Marin Be consoled, Amsterdam is losing a lot too nowadays , all ts small cozy private shops, .... some bars, and all is taken over bij AIR SPACE, the wolrld of Air bnb. It is killing the town . Whole streets taken over by real estat crooks renting out.... thanks Cybr World.

Debbie Formanski Mazzetta Wow! I just heard about Lucy and now this! Two of my favorite "go-to" places for food when I lived in LA. Chicken soup from the Rainbow anytime I had a cold (or even just the sniffles) RIP Mario

John Wier My thoughts go out to his family. I came to really love the Rainbow and The Whisky when I lived out in Los Angeles. Many a great lunches were had at the Rainbow.

Mandar Thakur Am visiting from Bombay and was outside it today when I saw the board . RIP

Adriane Coros so many memories from back in the 70's... RIP Mario and thank you

Paula Marino He was my first boss when I moved to L.A. in 1987, and was a great guy to work for. R.I.P. "Senior" 😔

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