Thursday, January 12

DEATH OBITUARY : Louis “Lou” Dale Sharp, Ohio’s first African-American state trooper dies at 85

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio State Highway Patrol has announced the death of its first African American trooper, Louis “Lou” Dale Sharp.

“The Ohio State Highway Patrol is mourning the passing of Patrolman Louis Sharp, known as a pioneer, mentor and friend,” the OSHP said in a Facebook page Friday.

According to the OHSP, Sharp became the first African-American to serve as an Ohio State Highway Patrolman when he graduated with the 44th Academy class in 1955 and was assigned to the Findlay Post. At this time, Patrolman Sharp was the only minority member out of 700 employees.

“The late Lieutenant Colonel Floyd C. Moon described Patrolman Sharp as a man of strength, easily completing all aspects of his training,” OSHP said in the post.
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Houston Texas Satanic MS-13 Gang Sacrifices Teenage Girl
A Houston community is on edge after members from the notorious MS-13 gang murdered a 15-year-old girl and left her body on the side of the road.
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Ima call BS on this story. She is just nasty if she squatted in the seat on a plane full of people. Absolutely disgusting and she needs to be banned from United Flights.
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Kathleen Clark
Kathleen Clark So, this woman exposed herself in her seat to relieve herself and is blaming the airlines?! She had the entire flight to go to the bathroom, but made a fuss when the plane was descending?! Sorry, not everything is the airlines fault.
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Lorraine Parker Fitchett
Lorraine Parker Fitchett If you have bladder problems...wear DEPENDS! Why does no one take responsibility for themselves anymore????
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Trisha Lemke
Trisha Lemke The story was the seatbelt sign was on and she wanted to use the bathroom. The flight attendant said to wait for the sign to go off. The mother then said she was going to need a cup so the flight attendant gave her a cup. Just another idiot looking for a fat paycheck.
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Dan Ajlilymichayla
Dan Ajlilymichayla Forced huh. Sounds like indecent exposure and maybe you should go before the capt turns on the fasten seat belt sign. Thanks for flying!!!!!
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Beth Goodwine
Beth Goodwine As a woman, I'm surprised that she was able to go in a cup while staying seated with seatbelt on. That there takes talent. Gosh, I wonder why we haven't seen accounts of this all over the internet until now. You'd think the other passengers would've spoken out about it right after it happened.
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Mary Jones Tyler
Mary Jones Tyler AGAIN, airlines have rules for a reason. If you want the convenience of flying, then abide by the rules. Otherwise, drive your car, then you can stop by the side of the road if necessary.
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Lynn Whitley Alaway
Lynn Whitley Alaway If she was truly disparaged as she claims, she should have peed in the seat...give them something to remember. If this is just a story from someone else looking for their 15 minutes of fame...shut up and get over yourself.
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Chelsea Parten
Chelsea Parten United made me eat my first born child when they refused to give me complimentary peanuts. I didn't want to..... I HAD too! Shame on United. You'll be hearing from my lawyer as soon as this stomach ache subsides.
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Roy Torres
Roy Torres A lot of opportunists coming out of the woodwork with their attorneys on speedial. Bottom line it was turbulence and passengers were directed to buckle up. If the airline staff did not do anything and someone was injured they open the airline to FAA fines and potential law suits.
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Alice Zepp King
Alice Zepp King This is getting freaking ridiculous. There are times during a flight when you cannot get up to go to the bathroom. It's the law. If you have an overactive bladder, make sure you urinate before you get on the plane, urinate as when the seatbelt sign goes off (whether you feel the urge or not), and perhaps consider wearing an incontinence garment just in case. In other words, manage your medical condition.
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Becca Henderson
Becca Henderson I'm sorry, if you know you have a condition, make arrangements and plans before you know you won't be allowed to go. She could have gone anytime during the duration of the flight but chose final descent.

Sorry, but lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for others.

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