Thursday, January 12

DEATH OBITUARY : Lions great, Pro Football Hall of Famer Yale Lary dies at 86

Detroit Lions great and Pro Football Hall of Famer Yale Lary died Friday morning, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced. The former safety, who logged an 11-year career (1952-53, 1956-1964) that was interrupted by his service in the U.S. Army, was 86.

Lary was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1979 after a career in which he was named All-NFL five times, voted to nine Pro Bowls and selected to the NFL's All-Decade Team of the 1950s.

Lary, who worked as the Lions' punter and kickoff returner in addition to defensive back, logged 50 career interceptions en route to helping the Lions capture three NFL titles.

"Yale Lary was a true American hero," Pro Football Hall of Fame President & CEO David Baker said in a statement. "He was defined by his heart and character that made him one of the game's greatest players. Yale led by example and raised the level of all his teammates that resulted in multiple league titles for the Detroit Lions. Those same traits were on display during his service to our country as a member of the United States Army.

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Houston Texas Satanic MS-13 Gang Sacrifices Teenage Girl
A Houston community is on edge after members from the notorious MS-13 gang murdered a 15-year-old girl and left her body on the side of the road.
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Jeff Sessions, an Attorney General that will actually uphold the laws and not rewrite them like Lynch...
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Elizabeth Taylor Lieber
Elizabeth Taylor Lieber · 1:47 Russia story is nothing more than a continued distraction from all the shady politics of Obama and his administration
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Kathy Ann
Kathy Ann · 1:45 Law and order is back!! Hear that democrat communists and criminals?? These days they are one in the same!!
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Celeste Everett
Celeste Everett · 7:16 Finally some sanity! Thank you Jeff Sessions for backing the blue. Standing O!
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Cheri Campbell
Cheri Campbell · 2:22 Good that we have an administration who awards law enforcement rather than placing targets on their backs. God blessed America on Nov. 8th.
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Emma Mast Householder
Emma Mast Householder · 4:28 Finally!! God Bless Jeff Sessions and God Bless the United States of America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Cookie Tuchon
Cookie Tuchon · 2:37 Big deplorable from Florida here..you GO Jeff Sessions!!!
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Jean Holt-Casamassima
Jean Holt-Casamassima · 3:43 You are a just what our country yearns for, law and order! Thank you, Jeff Sessions.
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Natalie Mor
Natalie Mor · 2:25 For a change we give reword to good people unlike Hussain that gave it to Hollywood celebrities!
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Paul DaaSilva
Paul DaaSilva · 3:19 I am so happy that we have someone trying to protect America thank you for your service in your job Mr. AG. Jeff Sessions!!!  :)
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Richard Casparian
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Jeanine Fisk Smith
Jeanine Fisk Smith · 2:11 Jeff sessions is awesome! Straightforward and tough on crime!!! God bless him and thank God he's on the side of good!!!
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Linda S Jones
Linda S Jones · 4:03 Sessions is a great man.... one to be respected!!
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Carol Bode Stahl
Carol Bode Stahl · 4:13 So happy with our political party. They are making America Great again. And please, please, please lock Hillary up where she belongs!!!!
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Kathleen Molyneaux Seymour
Kathleen Molyneaux Seymour · 5:15 Negative comments from know nothings! Grateful for all our law enforcement and their service. Thank you Jeff Sessions for seeking justice in the Justice Dept.
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Allison West
Allison West · 7:38 Love my POTUS, his cabinet and Mr. Sessions! #MAGA #draintheswamp
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Ralph Vidal
Ralph Vidal · 3:30 What a great contrast of administrations from past to present...go get em boys!!!!
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Abigail Prestridge
Abigail Prestridge · 4:23 Wow Janet Clark! Is this the way your parents raised you? To be so disrespectful is not cool! You look old enough to know better! You are shameful!
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Richard Casparian
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Jedediah Adoian
Jedediah Adoian · 8:59 A attorney general who is following and executing the law thank you god
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Lesa Moore
Lesa Moore · 6:54 Wonderful... So Proud of you Attorney General Sessions..way to Go
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Jose Lazo
Jose Lazo · 7:20 Thank you gentlemen and Administration for this. Unlike prior President who divided this country and gave more attention to thugs than cops.
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Cheryl Pratt Spurlin
Cheryl Pratt Spurlin · 6:37 We are lucky to have such dedicated people like him working with an for our new President and for the people. May God bless him and all of our officers throughout the U.S.
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Carol Crabtree
Carol Crabtree · 4:11 What a strong administration we now have. They are standing tall and in the face of all the dishonest things being said about and to them. I applaud you one and all.
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Mark Cook
Mark Cook · 6:08 Every time I see law enforcement eating out, I pick up their tab. It's the LEAST we can do after what they have been put through and the sacrifices they and their families make for us. I suggest everyone else does the same!
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Janet Zigaro
Janet Zigaro · 7:47 Thank you AG Sessions...finally a man who supports the Constitution and the Laws on the books. Laws that Republicans AND Democrats voted in!!
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Sherri Vermaat
Sherri Vermaat · 2:47 Great job Jeff Sessions!! We need you and are grateful!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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John Rayment
John Rayment · 6:27 People with integrity running the White House is a dagger for the democrats
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Shane McCloud
Shane McCloud · 0:51 Only Crooks and Criminals, and those that support criminals have a problem with Jeff Sessions.
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Marilyn Hupp
Marilyn Hupp · 6:19 Congratulations to our Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Reopen hillary clinton email case
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Doris Speed
Doris Speed · 1:23 I am so happy that we have someone trying to protect America thank you for your service in your job
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Roger D. Score
Roger D. Score · 2:34 The Mainstream Media is looking rather hateful, weak and desperate. #FakeMedia
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Gina Headlee Jermyn
Gina Headlee Jermyn · 9:35 Honor and Respect for the law, finally! Thank you! This will help save our people of addiction! Arrest the dealers! God Bless you!
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Stephen Gossett
Stephen Gossett · 3:29 Hillary is a Lier and a globalist.... She will be reviewed again for the third and last time and will go to prison.

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