Saturday, January 7

DEATH OBITUARY : Harriet Shelley , George Shelley’s sister ‘dies after car crash’

Absolutely devastated to hear the news that Harriet Shelley passed away last night. A horrible scene to witness firsthand last Friday night, and a horrible unavoidable accident. My thoughts are with all her friends and family at this awful time 💔

The 21-year-old suffered severe head injuries in the incident, on April 28.
A family friend has confirmed she had died on Saturday night, the Sun reports.

George’s mum Toni Harris said no one was to blame for the incident and Harriet was just “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Hospital staff had worked around the clock to save Harriet. She had stabilised after the accident – but her condition then got worse. source 

People are paying tribute on social ,media.
Rebecca Julian So so so so sad to read  this lovely young lady gave me my anti-d injection and also discharged me and my lovely daughter from the women's hospital in Birmingham only in September!! She was such a bright young girl and looking forward to her new career. 

RIP and fly high with the angels xxxx

Jasmin Bradshaw So sad! She was such a lovely girl too! Michele Bradshaw how awful! We only bumped into her family a little while back at the Weston hospital!  xx
Steph Owens So sad 😔 theres no true age to die bt most definitely not when u have a whole lot of life infront of u, dance with the stars! 💔
Caitlin Young My thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family💔. She seemed like a lovely girl. I remember reading the Union J book and I'm positive George mentioned her in it💔. Can't beileve it myself tbh, never mind her friends and family💔
Kerry Butt How absolutely tragic. My heart goes out the the family. I've lost a brother similarly - this is gonna change their life beyond repair. So sad .
Karen Jane Dix So sad my thoughts are with her family and friends 
Heaven has gained another angel 
Such a beauitful young girl took to soon 

Stay strong George 💖💖
Juliette Marchant I purchased Harriet's prom dress a few years ago. I feel it belongs with her family though and want to send it back to them. Is there any way of sending it back or them seeing this?

Lauren Rose Littler This story/article so heartbreaking and rest in peaceHarriet your now in heaven in with the angels 😢
Nicola Louise Rees Oh so sad working so hard for her career them bang gone bless her life is so cruel RIP beautiful girl xx
Karen Allen That's so sad, such a beautiful girl, love to all her family at a difficult time , x

Danielle Reay I hope whoever hit her is put away for a very long time, poor girl, was going to be a midwife aswell 😔
Nicky Glover How awful! Such a young life to be lost! Hope she rests in peace 😞 sending condolences to the family xx
Bridget Carmody So very sad,been following the story. Deepest condolence to all her family and friends. So young and beautiful.
Emmaa May Omg no way so sorry my thoughts are with your family R.I.P 🙁

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