Thursday, January 12

DEATH OBITUARY : Grace Gesell , 5-year-old injured in accident dies at hospital

A 5-year-old girl injured Thursday during a head-on collision at the crest of a hill on Indiana 227 has died.

The Indiana State Police reported that Jocelyn Grace Gesell died Thursday. She had been transferred by medical helicopter from Reid Health to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.

Gesell was restrained in a booster seat in the back seat of a 2009 Toyota four-door when the vehicle was rammed head-on by 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe driven by Anthony J. Zircher, 45, of Canfield, Ohio. Zircher had crossed a double yellow line in a no-passing zone at high speed to improperly pass another vehicle, ISP Trooper Eric Fields said at the scene in the 8700 block of Ind. 227.

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Houston Texas Satanic MS-13 Gang Sacrifices Teenage Girl
A Houston community is on edge after members from the notorious MS-13 gang murdered a 15-year-old girl and left her body on the side of the road.
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 Excuse me but does she have any idea how dangerous to be walking down the aisle or sitting on the pot during the plane decent......so the air line was trying to protect her. I bet if they had let her go and she had fallen she would be suing everyone
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Bella Blu
Bella Blu Where??? In front of the entire plane? ...and no one else is talking about it??? I mean flight attendants ARE CRUSTY....but no one is peeing in a cup.
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Jenny Teeter
Jenny Teeter This woman was wrong. I know what it is to have an over active bladder, that is why I take medication. There are rules and regulations from the FAA to protect and keep people safe. This woman asked for the cup and got it. She could have been hurt in the bathroom. That is why we are told to stay in our seats and certain times. No, I do not work for an airline and have met very rude airline employees but rules are in place for your safety and people need to stop filing claims because they think United is now an easy mark. I do not even support the guy dragged off the plain. I do support the father who paid for a seat for his son who then went on an earlier flight and chose to put his baby in the seat since he paid for it. That was completely unnecessary. That's my opinion.
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Chris Corley
Chris Corley This is an agenda thing... Just what is that agenda? The elite don't want us flying? Can kind of see that, especially how we are all groped and presumed guilty till proven innocent through security. Also might be setting up a false flag on a plane....
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Roman Scott
Roman Scott For crying out loud, please do a better job researching your story before printing an article. Once again, this was NOT a United Airlines flight. It was a United Express branded flight operated by Mesa Airlines. BIG difference!! Stop smearing United's name when this had absolutely nothing to do with United Airlines crew/plane.

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