Thursday, January 12

DEATH OBITUARY : Former St. John’s star Glen Williams dies at 63

NEW YORK (AP) Glen Williams, a star at St. John’s in the 1970s and a second-round draft pick of the Milwaukee Bucks, has died. He was 63.
Williams, who had been battling cancer for the last seven years, died Tuesday, according to Hall of Fame coach Lou Carnesecca.
”He was one of the best two-way players we ever had here,” Carnesecca said Wednesday. ”He could cover anybody, big or small. He went in the starting lineup as a freshman and never came out.”

The 6-foot-6 Williams was born in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands and played high school basketball at Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina.
He became a starter at St. John’s as a freshman in 1973-74 and played in two NCAA Tournaments and two NITs. His junior year the then-Redmen were ranked No. 17 when they played No. 1 Indiana at Madison Square Garden. The Hoosiers prevailed 76-69 and they beat St. John’s again 90-70 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on their way to college basketball’s last unbeaten season.
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Houston Texas Satanic MS-13 Gang Sacrifices Teenage Girl
A Houston community is on edge after members from the notorious MS-13 gang murdered a 15-year-old girl and left her body on the side of the road.
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She waited until they were on final descent and they had all been advised that the restrooms were closed to visit the restroom?
Shame on her.
If her bladder is that overactive and she is going to fly I would suggest an adult diaper for the duration of the flight. 
There are just times when you are not allowed to get up to use the restroom and take off and landings are two of those times.
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Sally Robinson Hubbard
Sally Robinson Hubbard Everyone who flies knows, on final approach, you have to stay seated. So why didn't she go to the bathroom before? If she has a problem, why wait until the last minute? She had to know they were getting close to her destination.
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Lisa Harris Phillips
Lisa Harris Phillips I didn't even read the article but anyone that flies knows you are NOT able to use the facilities onboard at certain times and during certain conditions. So you do like your parents told you when you were little...you got "try" and use the restroom before you have to......
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Brandon Fisher
Brandon Fisher Nobody was more critical of United in their handling of the Dao bumping/dragging situation, but sorry lady, United did nothing wrong here. Get over it. Those are the rules, they're in place for a valid reason, and they're not unreasonable.
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Elizabeth Westart Elliott
Elizabeth Westart Elliott As some one with over active bladder she should of been using a protective garment like most do. Also if u know u will need to use restroom alot make sure u sit near the back so u have easy access..Also they announce they will begin decent about 15 mins before actually descending so why didnt she go then? Seems like many opportunities were passed up by this passenger ..
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Allen William
Allen William Forced? Really? I'm thinking perhaps, for some reason, legit or not she was not permitted to use the facilities and she chose to urinate in a cup. 

I can see it now..."you take this cup! Now pee! Pee cmon pee! ". As the flight attendant pushed on her bladder. Seriously?
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Joyce Bennett Simon
Joyce Bennett Simon Am I understanding this correctly. They wouldn't let her get up to use the restroom, made her pee in 2 cups ( don't know how she did that in her seat ) and then WALK the cups to the restroom. I thought she wasn't allowed to get up to use the restroom. This doesn't make sense.
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Judy Stidnick
Judy Stidnick Everybody who has flown knows that once an airplane starts the descent you have to remain belted in. Seems to me that A LOT of people are so full of themselves they feel the right to special treatment. This shows why kids are the way they are - self Indulgent. She should be ashamed of herself. If she has a bladder problem perhaps she should use depends when she flies.
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Faye Law
Faye Law Cancel all flights! Fire all Cops! Don't mention God! Put all rich people out of work! Make all things free! Destroy white history! Bring it on, idiots! Remember this great news, God won't be in Hell either!
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